Digital inclusion

The new technologies are one of the main driving forces of social and economic transformation. Therefore we would like to capitalize on connectivity to ensure that everyone has optimal access to a digital life, with the best technology, without leaving anyone behind.

At Telefónica we strive to promote digital inclusion, based on our network deployment and an offer which is accessible and affordable for any type of customer. In addition to the above, we apply sustainable innovation to develop services which give an added value to the connectivity and improve the lives of people.

We not only have a 76% of LTE coverage across the whole footprint and 82,7 mill of customer locations passed with FTTH/cable, we are aiming to connect everyone. That is why we are present in emerging markets, where we generate a third of our revenues.

Besides, we are extending our connectivity network across our footprint to ensure everyone can get access to the digital revolution.

Therefore we are making a particular effort to go rural and remote ones. Thanks to our project “Internet para Todos” (“Internet for All”) we have already connected 3,000 communities in remote areas, benefiting around 600,000 people.

Also we are also tackling financial inclusion. About half of our accesses are prepaid and we are offering our services to people in the base of the pyramid with affordable prices.


Did you know that Telefónica invests 22 million € per day so that millions of people can communicate?