Digital inclusion

The new technologies are one of the main driving forces of social and economic transformation. Therefore we would like to capitalize on connectivity to ensure that everyone has optimal access to a digital life, with the best technology, without leaving anyone behind.

At Telefónica we strive to promote digital inclusion, based on our network deployment and an offer which is accessible and affordable for any type of customer. In addition to the above, we apply sustainable innovation to develop services which give an added value to the connectivity and improve the lives of people.

The Broadband, landline and mobile services that we have deployed represented 2.2% of the GDP last year. In addition, it has been a responsible deployment, improving energy efficiency and minimising the impact on the environment. For example, we share 41,085 stations with other operators.

We have invested 45,000 million euros in the development of our fixed and mobile networks since 2012, with special focus in ultra-fast and next generation networks in Europe and Latin America.

As part of our network, we offer 2G, 3G and 4G services and connectivity. In LTE we reached, year after year, our coverage in Europe and Latin America, aiming to cover 100% of our customers. Specifically, we are committed to bringing connectivity to more than 100 million people in remote and rural areas of Latin America by the year 2025.