Telefónica Universe

Feeling part of something great Telefónica Universe

There are few feelings more exciting for the human being than feeling part of something great. And without a doubt, this company is great.

On the occasion of the centenary, we have set out to create the Telefónica Universe, an initiative that will allow us to know better who we are and continue building the future of Telefónica for many more years, celebrating it with several activities that will take place within the framework of this initiative. And of course, because we are enormously proud to be part of Telefonica.

If you want to be part of the Telefónica Universe and participate in the different activities we have in mind, please fill out this form.

Even if you think that the data we ask you for (year of entry, the area in which you work…) are already in the possession of Telefónica, it is necessary that you provide it to us because only if you share it voluntarily with us can we use it for your participation in the Telefónica Universe.

*Before starting, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy applicable to the Telefónica Universe.

Thank you for being part of something big. Let’s get to it!

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