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We want to make our world more human, by connecting lives.

Chairman & CEO Telefónica SA

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We want to make our world more human by connecting lives

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Two axes: our corporate mission and our responsible business principles.

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Telefónica is the result of more than 95 years of anticipation and transformation.

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Networks and technology

Connectivity is the first requirement to access the digital world. Networks are the most powerful transformative platform.

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Public Policy and Regulation

Consumer trust and confidence in digital environments, safety and digital literacy, is vital for the digital economy.

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At Telefónica we want to help slow down climate change and build a greener future through digitalisation.

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Find out how Telefónica is helping society to prosper by promoting economic and social progress with digitalisation.

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La estrategia de Telefónica para hacer frente a nuestra misión se resume en tres pilares: Crecimiento, Eficiencia y transformación

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Committed to equality and respect for LGBT+ people

At Telefónica we are convinced that the diversity of our teams, combined with an inclusive leadership style, helps us to achieve better business results. That’s why we work to create and nurture the right structures so that the best professionals want to work, stay and grow with us.