After León is before…

Since adoption of the 2002 regulatory framework, EU telecommunications policy has seen no major step change in its strategic orientation. What is to be expected from the Commission’s forthcoming White Paper in this respect?

Technology and telecoms policy trends in 2024 (2/2)

How will technology, policy and regulation drive the year? Let’s find the Top Tech & Telecoms Policy Trends for 2024 in our changing world. This is the second (2) in a series of two remains to be done under the Belgian Presidency.

The Spanish Presidency has set the path for the EU 2024-2029

2024 is a crucial year in the European context because of the institutional changes that will take place following the European elections and the election of the new European Commission. During the Spanish Presidency of the EU, great progress has been made towards a more competitive and digital Europe. The question is how much and what remains to be done under the Belgian Presidency.

Digital Trade priorities: the E-commerce Moratorium

Against a backdrop of challenges and uncertainties, Business AT OECD (BIAC) has set out the OECD's top trade trends by highlighting opportunities in the field of digital trade. 

Bridging the Digital Divide: A compass for digital inclusion

Telefónica prioritises digital inclusion and proposes a Digital Inclusion Compass to promote public-private policies and initiatives in Europe and Latin America. The objective is to close the digital divide without leaving anyone behind.

The impact of telecommunications transformation on innovation

Public policies in the European Single Market should be inspired by the pursuit of innovation and global competitiveness. European technology companies would benefit from an environment conducive to investment, transformation, and innovation.

Telefónica Policy Lab | The Infinite Possibilities of AI Unleashed

Telefónica Policy Lab landed in Brussels for the first time with the event "Code of the Future: The Infinite Possibilities of AI Unleashed"...