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Executive Team

This management team is committed to generating value for all its stakeholders and society in the long term, building relationships of trust, with growth and efficiency.
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Telefónica is the result of more than 95 years of anticipation and transformation.
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97 Years of history
113,819 Employees
957,300 Jobs created directly & indirectly

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+344 Reduction of CO2 emissions in 2019millions of cust
21% Recommends Telefónica products or services (NPS)
+83% purchases made from local suppliers

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+345.4 Millions of total accesses as of December 2020
128M real estate units with fibre
261M Mobile telephony accesses
+21M Data and internet access
8.4M pay-TV access
79% LTE Coverage


12 Countries in which Telefónica operates
24 countries where teléfonica is present

Telefónica’s global presence


43,076 M€ The net amount of revenue for 2020
21% Recommends Telefónica products or services (NPS)
11 consecutive quarters of debt reduction
0.5% of wealth to Spanish GDP

Financial information

An exemplary company

7 points for improvement recommendation customers
4 years in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index
77% volume of purchases awarded to local suppliers

A prosperous society

34,336 employees younger than 35 years old
0.5% to the GDP of the countries in which we operate
2.3M of people trained in digital skills

Issue Brief Indicators and Impact

A greener future

61% less CO2 emissions since 2015
100% of electricity in our main key markets is from ren
9.5M Tn of CO2 avoided, Eco Smart solutions

Issue Brief Indicators and Impact