We have the ability to anticipate the future, understand the needs of the company and continue to be pioneers in the digital world.

Open Innovation

The Open Innovation team acts as an interface between Telefónica and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, keeping us up to date with what is happening around us.

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Open Innovation

Let’s lead the future of digital transformation together?

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Wayra is Telefónica’s Corporate Venture Capital for startups in seed stage, with the capacity to generate business with Telefónica.
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Telefónica Ventures

Our Corporate Venture Capital vehicle to invest in growth stage startups and to create alliances, aligned with Telefónica’s global strategy.
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Open Future

Our regional open innovation strategy with public and private partners.
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Innovation with public aid

Telefónica’s internal innovation area participates, through Telefónica I+D, in several Innovation Projects with Public Funding.
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Telefónica Research

Telefónica needs to be close to what’s happening in the scientific community around the world, and to have a way to advance the state of the art, positioning it as a pioneer of the tech world.
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Create business opportunities to offer our customers the most disruptive technology.

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Core Innovation Culture

Telefónica must be able to adapt to the future and know how to identify the next big area of opportunity and transform it into reality by offering an innovation model that adds value to the company.

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Core Innovation Culture

We are a Metaverse-ready telco

At Telefónica, we see Web3 and the Metaverse as an opportunity to connect people’s lives even better. Find out how we are making this new era a reality with partnerships, technology development and new products and services.

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We are a Metaverse-ready telco

Telefónica Open Gateway

A multi-telco initiative led by GSMA to open our network capabilities through global and standardized APIs. With Telefónica Open Gateway, developers will be able to create applications compatible with all telco networks, and companies will have new opportunities to accelerate and transform their business.

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Telefónica Open Gateway