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At Telefonica we have been adapting to changes for almost a century: innovating, opening new paths and promoting innovation to serve society and companies.


Digitalization is a growth lever to become more competitive and boost sales

Infrastructure digitization

The digitization of the company’s infrastructure can bring efficiencies and secure its various physical and/or digital assets.

SMEs digitisation business infrastructures


Comm services, high-speed DSL and 5G are at the core of the business, allowing companies to stay connected.


Cloud servers and info back-ups allow companies have secure access to essential business information in real time and from any location.

Security (facilities)

Security services to prevent business premises from physical damage, robberies, or malfunctions.


Digital security provides companies with services to protect all their digital assets against cyber-attacks.

Process digitization

Companies are investing in the digitization of their processes to become more effective and productive.

SMEs digitisation processes block

Physical facilities

The digitization of processes within the shops allows us to qualitatively improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Online presence

Nowadays whatever is not accessible through the internet, is irrelevant. Therefore, business online presence must be a priority for all enterprises.

Internet of things (IoT) and Big Data

Companies rely on IoT and Big Data technologies to have a better understanding of their customer purchasing behaviors, improve their offering and size their business adequately, by tracking and analyzing the data provided.

Business processes

The digitalization and automation of administrative tasks, simplifies and makes more efficient the company’s internal processes.

Employee digitalization

New ways of working require the digitalization of the employees and their workplaces, to increase their productivity.

SMEs employee digital block

Workplace digitization

The new working habits, especially working remotely, makes digital tools even more indispensable for the company, and the employee’s own wellbeing.


We offer a wide range of products from different suppliers (laptops, smartphones and tablets) to meet the companies and employees requirements.

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