Telefónica on the Stock Exchange. Telefónica’s shares, a benchmark stock

The shares of Telefónica, S.A. are represented by book entries that are listed on the Spanish Electronic Market and on the four Spanish Stock Exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao), as well as on the New York and Lima Stock Exchanges, on these latter two Exchanges through American Depositary Shares (ADSs), with each ADS representing one share of the Company.

Telefónica is included in more than 100 national and international benchmark indices. These include the IBEX 35, which is the main benchmark index of the Spanish stock market, made up of the 35 most liquid companies listed on the Electronic Market and in the four Spanish stock exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao). Telefónica is also part of several sustainability indices, made up of companies that demonstrate sound practices in the areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

In the following sub-sections, you will find everything related to Telefónica’s stock market information, reasons to invest in the Company, the dividend policy and the dividend history.

We also provide details of analysts’ recommendations and coverage, which contains a list of analysts’ target prices and recommendations and banks that have updated and published full-year estimations in the last 6 months, as well as a list of analysts covering Telefónica.

In addition, we explain in detail all the information relating to the share capital, its structure and changes, together with details of treasury stock, significant shareholdings and number of shareholders.

We provide you with the following tools to help you analyse the evolution of Telefónica’s share price, evaluate your investments and the returns obtained:

In the Telefónica on the stock exchange section, you can see today’s Telefónica’s share trading, and through the share price graph, you can see the evolution of the share and volume of shares in recent days, months, years, as well as customise the period of analysis. This graph also allows you to compare the share price with other benchmarks in the market, competitors, or with the main indices. You can also customise different types of graphs and see the markets where Telefónica’s shares are listed, among others.

We also provide you with an investment calculator, where you can evaluate your investments over time and determine the return on a number of shares invested. There is also a historic share price data section, where you can view Telefónica share prices in past days and years.

Finally, we present the ADR (American Depositary Receipt) programme, which is Telefónica’s programme for its shares traded on the foreign markets of New York and Lima Stock Exchanges.

Reasons to invest in Telefónica

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Telefónica on the Stock Exchanges

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