One in seven people out of the world’s population lives with a recognised disability. Companies are key to promoting the inclusion of this large minority.

At Telefónica, we use the potential of new technologies to improve the lives of people with disabilities and incorporate accessibility as a cross-cutting element for our products, services, facilities and channels.

Digital accessibility is recognised as a key priority in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the SDGs

Products and services for everyone

With the Responsible Design project, we have trained our product managers in accessibility criteria to ensure a good user experience for people with disabilities:

  • We have the first private television channel to offer accessible content with subtitles, audio description and sign language thanks to Movistar+ Plus 5S.
  • We have developed the new (POS) terminals, accessible to ONCE retailers.
  • We have created Mapcesible, the collaborative platform promoted by the Fundación Telefónica which maps the accessibility of sites.
  • We use 5G in the Amatista project, which helps people with neurodegenerative diseases through an immersive music video service.
  • We provide support to the Fundación Numen to optimise the results of its multi-sensory stimulation room for people with cerebral palsy.
  • We collaborated in the development of the GoAll application, which allows deafblind people to enjoy television in real time via a Braille line.

With this distinctive logo, we identify all of Telefónica’s accessible projects and our commercial brands
Distintivo Proyecto Accesible

+50 years supporting people with disabilities through ATAM
100% new products and services with Responsible Design*
1.200 triple-accessible content on Movistar+

* Target for 2025

In order to develop this type of technological solutions, we rely on leading associations such as Fundación ONCE– -we have renewed the INSERTA agreement, a framework agreement to promote the employment of people with disabilities and accessibility- and Ilunion, CNSE or FASOCIDE, among others.

We are part of “The Valuable 500” and subscribe the GSMA’s “Principles to promote the digital inclusion of people with disabilities”.

Accessible facilities

We adapt our buildings to facilitate access, mobility and communication. In our shops, we have:

  • A magnetic loop to amplify sound for the hearing impaired.
  • Sign language video-interpretation service.
  • Commercial staff trained to deal with people with disabilities.

Adapted service channels

To ensure that all our customers have access to information, our communication and sales channels are now fitted with:

  • Accessibility in our call centres, allowing communication through an interpreter.
  • Accessibility criteria in our catalogue of mobile devices.
  • Invoices, advertising and information in Braille, in large print or in an accessible electronic format
  • Training for developers, sales and marketing and communication teams.

For more information, please refer to our disability integration strategy , our Diversity and Inclusion Policy or write to us on our Responsible Business Channel.

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