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At a time when technology is more present than ever in our lives, we cannot forget that the most important connections are human connections.

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Our five key decisions to build a scalable platform for sustainable growth and returns.
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Main data

See Telefónica’s key service, financial and sustainability data at a glance.
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Analyst Relations

This is a space dedicated to industry analysts where you can find different industry recognitions, news and events regarding Telefónica’s capabilities and solutions.
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Public Policy and Regulation

Consumer digital trust is key to realising the full potential of the digital economy.
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Telefónica is a global company that operates in 12 countries and is present in 24.
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Our partner companies follow the principles of responsible business.
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Contact us

Contact information for Telelefónica’s main stakeholders. Contact us for any queries you may have with the corporate areas.
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Networks and technology

The right technology and network deployments at the right pace to offer a differential value to our customer’s experience.
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Partnerships are one of the cornerstones of Telefonica
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Fundación Telefónica