Public positioning

Pro-investment market structures

The European telecommunications sector needs pro-investment market structures to help achieve the digital and green goals of the European Union.
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Fair share for network sustainability

The debate on the fair share contribution by large content platforms started in Asia and spread to the United States and Europe
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Connectivity for all

Collaboration is the basis for developing public policies and regulation that strongly support investments to connect the connected and leave no one behind.
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Metaverse Ready Networks

The promises of new digital services brought by the Metaverse represent a challenge for all elements of the value chain involved.
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Digitally enabled Green Transition

Digitalisation is a key enabler for other productive sectors on their way to the green transition.
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Industrial policy

It is essential to promote an industrial policy that fosters the competitiveness of enterprises and contributes to the creation of economic value.
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changing technology for any industry and society. The biggest challenge we face today is to design a good governance model.
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Future networks

Networks of the future will be indispensable for the digital society. They will be characterised by being open, virtualized, programmable, flexible, automatable, and customizable.
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Radio spectrum is the channel through which wireless communications travel today and a key element in the digitalization of society and the economy.
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We are well aware that cybersecurity and trust-building are key issues in driving the digitalisation of our societies and economies.
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Privacy and data

Protecting users’ privacy and data must be a prerequisite when designing, developing, and delivering digital services.
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Digital Regulation

The changes being generated by digitalisation require urgent modernization of regulatory frameworks and public policies to adapt them to the today’s digital society.
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Public Policy