Electromagnetic fields

At Telefónica, all our base stations comply with the radio emission limits, thus guaranteeing completely safe exposure levels regarding health.

The exposure levels to electromagnetic fields from mobile antennas are set by international bodies, most notably the World Health Organization (WHO).

At Telefónica we meet the criteria set by its advisory body in this field, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), including in markets which are not part of a regulatory framework.

Electromagnetic fields are all around us in life: for example, in the colours of the rainbow. The waves they form enable mobile phones, radios and televisions to work


What do the experts say?

Scientific evidence is the basis for setting the international safety guidelines for radio signals, which have been studied for decades and include those used by mobile technologies. The limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields are defined by expert groups, who evaluate and assess the state of the science to date, identifying the levels at which possible effects on humans can be observed and incorporating a safety margin.

At Telefónica, we are sensitive to the social concerns surrounding antennas and mobile phones, so we closely follow and share the latest studies on the subject.

What do the experts say?

Safety of 5G mobile networks

5G networks and mobile phones are safe for health. In its latest scientific review published after analysing twenty years of research, the ICNIRP has looked at the frequencies considered for this technology at the limits set for antennas and concludes that it finds no health risks to people, including children, and suggests only minor adjustments. For example, it includes restrictions for frequencies above 6 GHz.

Following this publication, national authorities are required to implement the updated guidelines, a process for which the GSMA encourages them to consult with operators

What 5G is and how it works

The 5th generation mobile network enables ultra-fast, very
low-latency connectivity to billions of devices, the Internet of Things
(IoT) and a fully connected world.

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What is 5G

The ICNIRP finds no risk to human health at the limits established for 5G

Basic concepts

To better understand electromagnetic
emissions, there are things you may
be interested in knowing: how mobile
phones and the fields work, what the
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is…

Basic concepts

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Dialogue with communities

We talk to communities and employees, and we work with institutions to address their concerns regarding telephony and health.

Dialogue with communities

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