Diversity and inclusion

At Telefónica we incorporate diversity and inclusion At Telefónica we incorporate diversity and inclusion management as a key element to connect talent and grow as a company.

Only by managing diversity in an inclusive way will we be able to guarantee an environment free of discrimination and, consequently, break down the inequalities associated with labels.

To achieve this, it is essential to have a clear commitment from the management, with a leadership model that knows and is capable of managing prejudices. For this reason, from the Global Diversity Council we promote an inclusive culture, in which employees freely contribute their opinions.


33% of women on the board of directors
99 different nationalities in the group
30% women in management positions

14% employees <30 years-old
64% employees 30-50 years-old
22% employees >50 years-old

*Data collected at the end of 2021.

Our data shows that we are committed to …..

Gender equality

At Telefónica we are committed to reducing the pay gap. We believe that understanding the pay gap is not only about ensuring that our employees are paid equally for equal work, but also about ensuring that they have equal opportunities regardless of their gender.

To this end, we promote equality in our sector through a total of 52 initiatives worldwide. Some examples are Mujer e Ingeniería, Delas por Elas, #SheTransformsIT, #MujeresHacker and the STEAM Alliance for Female Talent, promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

We want today’s girls to be tomorrow’s leaders, especially in the technology field

Our objectives for 2024 aim to achieve 33% of female executives and a +/-1% of adjusted wage gap. Additionally, we are committed to achieve gender parity in the Company’s highest governance bodies in 2030.

In our controls, we go further and calculate the “Adjusted Pay Gap”. We compare the average total compensation of men and women in similar positions, considering other factors in addition to gender, such as: country, legal entity, professional category, functional area, seniority and work schedule.

These targets will help us to meet the objective of closing the non-adjusted gender pay gap by 2050.

LGBT+ Community

We guarantee a safe and trusting space, where all employees feel free to be themselves regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.

We conduct courses and workshops on LGBT+ diversity and internal campaigns making clear our support for the United Nations “Standards of Business Conduct” to protect the rights of LGBT+ people.

Young Talent

Connecting young talent means incorporating new ways of seeing things, ensuring that we have agile, restless and even rebellious disruptors, who bring innovation and creativity to the way we work and generate value.

At Telefónica we know this and we are committed to young talent as one of our strategic priorities. We do it through different initiatives, such as festivals for young talent or the Employment Map built by Fundacion Telefónica, which help them identify professional opportunities and the required skills to access them.

Ethnic diversity

At Telefónica, we are publicly committed to taking action to close the race gap in our business. Our UK partnership with Race at Work Charter and Black British Network highlights our commitment to take tangible steps to address social inequality based on ethnicity or race.

As part of this commitment in the United Kingdom, we have voluntarily published our ethnic pay gap and created inclusive policies, development and career acceleration resources for our ethnic minority employees.

Disability Inclusion

We promote the social and labor integration of people with disabilities. This is demonstrated by our adherence to the global initiative The Valuable 500, with commitments that push us to continue normalizing the relationship with professionals with disabilities and to continue improving the accessibility of our products and services and our customer service channels.

Diversity and inclusion policies

Our commitments to ensure equal opportunities and an inclusive environment.

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