Whistleblowing and Queries Channel


The Whistleblowing Channel is the mechanism that Telefónica places at the disposal of all employees, managers and directors of the Group’s companies and related third parties, in particular, suppliers and contractors, shareholders, volunteers, interns and workers in training periods, so that they can report any information related to any Group company that may involve:

  • a possible irregularity or act contrary to the Telefónica’s Business Principles or any other applicable internal regulations;
  • a possible irregularity relating to accounting matters, auditing matters and/or internal control over financial reporting matters;
  • a possible irregularity or unlawful act.

The Whistleblowing Channel is accessible 24×7 through the following channels: web form, toll-free telephone numbers and mailing addresses. Reports can be made anonymously or contact details can be included. The information provided will be handled securely and confidentially.

The Compliance Department processes the reports received diligently and promptly, promoting their verification and the measures for their resolution, in accordance with the internal procedures established in Telefónica’s Internal Information System Management Policy and its implementing regulations.

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IMPORTANT. You are accessing the Whistleblowing channel, to make enquiries about aspects related to Telefónica’s Business Principles, please access the Queries Channel. For complaints of a commercial nature, billing or service incidents, please contact your local Customer Service Department.

Make a Complaint

To file a complaint click on the following link. The Complaint must contain the necessary information to be able to start an investigation: explanation of the facts, including the dates and the company concerned, etc. If you wish, you can attach any documentation that helps to better explain the situation reported.

Check the status of my complaint

After sending your concern, the system will provide a complaint ID and a password (please keep these details) that will allow you to check the status of your report, using the Anonymous Communication Channel, as well as to add new information and contact the person in charge of the investigation.

These complaints may also be communicated through the external channels established by the corresponding authorities.


Channel for querying any aspect related to Telefónica’s Business Principles. All communications received will be processed in accordance with the principles of respect, confidentiality, trustworthiness and completeness. The channel is governed by a procedure for handling the communications received (Queries Channel Procedures).

Make a Query

The channel is accessible 24/7 through this web form Queries can be made anonymously or contact details can be included. The information provided will be handled securely and confidentially.

Check the status of a query

After sending your query, the system will provide a query ID and a password. Please retain these details in order to check the status of your query at any time using the communication platform of the Queries Channel itself.

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