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Manifiesto por un nuevo Pacto DigitalMANIFESTO FOR A NEW DIGITAL DEAL

Towards a human-centric digitalisation.

Telefónica calls for a new cooperative effort to define a New Digital Deal to renew our social and economic policies and modernise our economy for the new digital age. A human-centric digitalisation needs to ensure that people are the primary beneficiaries and feel in control. 

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Conectar a los no conectadosCONNECTING THE UNCONNECTED

How to bring Internet to everyone.

We live in a connected world, where at the momento there are three billion people with Internet connection. However, two thirds of the global population are still unconnected, which has a detrimental effect on their living standards. Bringing Internet to everyone is a shared task between the different stakeholders, which includes companies, citizens and governments. Telefonica believes in bringing Internet to everyone, which has pushed the Company to invest more tan 45.000 million euros in the last five years to reach this goal.

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The case of Peru.

80% of Peruvian localities (mainly rural) lack internet coverage. With the proper regulatory adjustments, a tool devised to increase rural connectivity through a different arrangement – based on taking advantage of already available spectrum and infrastructure resources – can prove to be a successful model in providing cost effective rural broadband conectivity.

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