Telefónica Innovation Day: innovation as an opportunity

Innovation is fundamental to take advantage of all the opportunities for progress and business offered by today's fast-paced and dynamic digital ecosystem. The average longevity of companies around the world has declined significantly in recent years, becoming even more intense as a result of the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. In this context, Telefónica has completed 97 years of life thanks to a basic element that is in its DNA: innovation.

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In an increasingly digital world, innovation is key to adapting to the new challenges we face and to contributing to a more inclusive, fair and sustainable economic and social recovery due to the boost of digitalization. Among the main opportunities it offers, innovation can accompany Public Administrations embarking on the path of digitalization, especially on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The latter make up more than 99% of the business fabric in Spain and create two out of every three jobs in the private sector. However, these companies are less digitized than larger corporations, hampering the gap and their ability to recover, reactivate and reinvest. In this sense, the pandemic has also marked a before and after, accelerating this process.  

As part of our commitment to innovation, on November 3rd we will be holding the second edition of Telefónica Innovation Day. In this event, which can be followed in person and via streaming, we will analyze the latest advances and projects in innovation that the company has developed over the last year.

A reliable partner 

Telefónica puts at the service of third parties all its potential in innovation to promote their development. We thus contribute to strengthen the business fabric of our country and to achieve a digitized and agile Public Administration to ensure that Spain is at the forefront of innovation. We do this by lending the best technologies and solutions in IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, AI or Cybersecurity.  

In the next edition of Telefónica Innovation Day, we will have the opportunity to discover the projects in which the company has collaborated over last year. This will be performed through real cases disclosed by their protagonists at first hand. Irene Gómez, director of Telefónica Open Innovation, will lead the round table ‘Together we go further’, with the participation of Alan Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of the start-up Visionable; Jan Beger, Senior Director Digital Ecosystem of GE Healthcare, and Irene Arias, CEO of BID Lab.  

The most innovative areas 

The open innovation area collaborates with third parties to innovate faster and more efficiently, generating synergies that add value to the business. Through initiatives such as Wayra and Open Future, Telefónica promotes entrepreneurship by incubating and accelerating start-ups that can integrate their value proposition into the company. Also, with Telefónica Ventures, the Group’s corporate venture capital vehicle, we invest to overcome great challenges of the Telco industry and to create new businesses through cutting-edge technology. 

Core Innovation, Telefónica’s internal innovation area which identifies any opportunity on a global scale to transform it into reality, will also have its space in this Innovation Day. Its director, David del Val, will explain why Telefónica’s network is the best for gamers and teleworkers. “Improving the quality of our clients’ experience” is the name of the panel that will feature live demos, which will be presented by our colleagues: Juan Vázquez, head of Gaming Innovation, and Josué Igual, Product Manager. 

The most innovative projects and the keys to the future of innovation will be the protagonists of #TEFInnovationDay.  Chema Alonso will be in charge of opening the day with the keynote ‘Transforming innovation into reality’ to introduce what innovation at Telefónica consists of as well as to provide his personal vision. 

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