“I see Telefónica further extending its dominance of the telecoms market,” Willian de Melo

Meet Willian de Melo, B2B Relationship Supervisor at Telefónica Brasil's B2B Relationship and Business Relationship Directorate.

Meet Willian de Melo, B2B Relationship Supervisor at Telefónica Brasil's B2B Relationship and Business Relationship Directorate.

Willian de Melo

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How long have you been at Telefónica and what is your assessment of your time here?

I have been at Telefónica for 6 years and during this period I have had an incredible professional maturity, I started without much professional perspective, but in the first year I got my first promotion. I participated in several pilot projects, until a supervisor came into my life and saw a latent leadership talent in me, he worked to polish me until I was promoted to Relationship Supervisor.

Is there a project at Telefónica that you are particularly proud or satisfied with?

Yes, volunteering is wonderful and rewarding. It is very important to know that the company we work for cares about the socio-cultural and educational aspects of the places where it is present.

What do you think Telefónica has contributed to society?

The Telefónica Group is one of the most important technology and communications distribution companies in the world. Shortening distances and people’s access to the Internet, enabling many people to change their lives through online courses and professional training.

Where do you see Telefónica in the future?

Increasingly extending its dominance of the telecommunications market and participating in the technological expansion of the world.

Could you live without a mobile phone?

Yes, I’m from 1985, I grew up with a home phone and dial-up internet access only in the early hours of the morning. We didn’t have a mobile phone, communication was face-to-face. But I believe that with each passing generation it will be more difficult to live without mobile phones, as the evolution of this technology has brought greater ease and freedom for all.

Help us solve one of humanity’s greatest enigmas: the potato omelette? With onion or without onion?

I don’t like the omelette, a burger with bacon and cheese is much healthier (laughs).

What crazy idea would you like Telefónica to do for its centenary?

The company should give all its employees a gift, because we make the company, we are Telefónica.

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