Isabel María Álvaro

Isabel María Álvaro Alonso

Junior Manager of Digital Public Policy

Isabel holds a degree in International Studies from Carlos III University of Madrid and a Master’s in Sustainable Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility from OBS Business School and the University of Barcelona.

Isabel embarked on her professional journey as a Community Manager for a US-based company, dedicating two years of service to the role. Subsequently, while in this position, she was selected for the Talentum Fellowship, providing her with the opportunity to contribute to the Digital Public Policy department, offering support to Digital Advocacy activities. After the end of her fellowship, she briefly served in the Public Affairs department of Kreab consulting firm before returning to Telefónica to lead the Digital Advocacy activities within the Digital Public Policy department.

Currently, Isabel holds the position of Junior Manager of Digital Public Policy. Her areas of expertise encompass sustainability, electromagnetic fields, and online child protection.

Additionally, Isabel is deeply engaged in initiatives aimed at amplifying the voices of young individuals in matters concerning the digitalization of societies and economies. In this regard, she participated in the International Institute of Communications (IIC) Future Leaders 2023 Competition, where she achieved a top 10 finalist position at international level. Moreover, she is an active member of IGF Youth Spain.


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