Nelson Alejandro Rodríguez

A reference in the management of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) projects.

A leader in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) project management and its applicability in improving efficiency and process optimisation, with a focus on generating new business opportunities that generate impact in all geographies.

During my 16 years of experience in pre-sales and sales support roles at Telefónica, I have acquired a deep understanding of the complete sales cycle, from identifying customer needs to obtaining the offer. This background has led me to participate in business acceleration projects in several countries, including Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Brazil, which has provided me with a valuable global perspective.

My focus is on maximising the potential of technology tools. With Salesforce, I have been able to significantly improve reporting and its usefulness for sales forces, transforming it into a tool that not only gathers information, but also delivers it in a strategic way. I have also explored and tested AI use cases to optimise processes and increase efficiency in pre-sales bidding.

My extensive experience as an engineer, moving from technical basics to business development, gives me a holistic view of the sales cycle and how to improve it. This perspective motivates me to lead business acceleration projects and to be a strong advocate of the potential of AI in this area.

As a mountain climber, I understand the importance of moving step by step towards the top, valuing each step and enjoying the journey. This approach is reflected in my work, where I seek to achieve goals gradually and steadily, taking every opportunity to grow and improve.


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