10 Tips to improve your photos

I am inspired and motivated by the Telefónica District, a unique architectural space, full of edges, nuances and fabulous framing. I usually take photographs with an architectural character, with personal editions that I share internally and externally.

Tips to improve your photographs.
Roberto Valentín Carrera

Roberto Valentín Carrera

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I have selected some basic tips that are within everyone’s reach. The most crucial thing is that you are motivated and willing to invest time in it. We all have the ability to create fascinating photos; we are all creative. Therefore, I encourage you to immerse yourself completely in a world that I am passionate about:

1. Frame with precision

The rule of thirds is a fundamental technique in photographic composition. It consists of placing the main subject at one of the points of intersection of the imaginary vertical and horizontal lines that divide your frame. This rule provides a solid starting point for composing your images, but remember that it is only the beginning. The way you position your subject and the elements around them can add dynamism and depth to your photos.

2. Mastering light

Photography is all about capturing light, so learn to observe it. Pay attention to the lighting in your environment, shadows, contrasts and chiaroscuro. A good exercise is to take an object or even a friend and move a light source (such as a torch) around their face. See how the gestures and composition of the image change with each movement of the light. This exercise will help you develop your eye for lighting and help you choose the best light for your photos.

3. Objectivity first and foremost

Often, we want our photos to convey the emotion we feel in a place, but it is important to separate our emotions from the composition process. Keep an objective approach and evaluate what you actually see on the screen or in the viewfinder. Make sure that the composition is interesting and that the framing is well done before you take the picture. Avoid shooting without thinking.

4. Horizontal levels

Always check that the horizontal lines in your photos are level, especially when there is a visible horizon in the image (such as the sky against the ground or the sea against the sky). A tilted horizon can be distracting and unbalanced. Unless you want a dramatic effect, make sure the horizon is level during shooting or correct it in editing.

5. Take multiple shots

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different framing and focus. If you find a composition you like, take several photos with slight variations. Adjust the distance and angle. This practice will give you options for choosing the best image during editing.

6. Grow your creativity

Get closer to the object to portray, move away, raise and lower the camera, move it, try it, use whatever you have at your disposal (a glass, a magnifying glass, a torch) don’t be afraid, there are many ways to portray a scene and all of them will give you a different result, let yourself go, you will be surprised for sure.

7. Don’t be afraid of technique

Although smartphones can capture amazing images, mastering a semi-professional or professional camera with quality lenses can take your creativity to the next level. Learning the basics of photographic technique can make all the difference to the quality of your photos, and it’s not that hard.

8. Creative editing

Editing is an essential part of modern photography. Learn how to edit your photos to give them your personal touch. Applications like Lightroom and Snapseed offer powerful tools for adjusting exposure, contrast, colour temperature, intensity and saturation. Play with these parameters to transform interesting images into masterpieces.

9. Make the most of the right light

The golden hour at dawn and dusk offers soft, warm light that can make your photos more evocative. Avoid midday, when the light is harsh and produces unattractive shadows. Take advantage of ideal lighting conditions to achieve spectacular results.

10. Make time for your passion

Go out and take photos on a regular basis. Spend time exclusively on photography to develop your eye and improve your skills. The more you practice, the more you will see and the more captivating your photos will be.

When passion meets work: about me

Within Telefónica I have been able to put this creative branch into practice and for some time now I have integrated video production and editing (which drives me crazy) into my work. In the last two years I have produced and edited several dozens of videos, both for the unit where I work (Large Customer Marketing) and for other areas.


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