The benefits of incorporating sport into your personal and professional life

How many times we hear this phrase in our daily lives from colleagues, doctors, friends, family and how difficult it is for us to translate it into our lives in many situations. Studies confirm that practising sport on a daily basis reduces stress and anxiety, helps us to get a good night's rest and keeps us active to lead a much healthier life.

Find out more about the benefits of sport in your personal and professional life. What options do companies have for sport.

Lourdes Lázaro

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If studies confirm that there are numerous benefits of practising sport, why is there no project in companies to promote sporting activity among their professionals?

Implementing sport in companies helps to contribute to the development of a healthier working environment by increasing the improvement of well-being and productivity in companies, thus achieving more positive environments and truly satisfactory results for both parties.

How many companies are committed to incorporating sporting activity?

According to a study by the GENUD Toledo Research Group (University of Castilla-La Mancha) led by Professor Ignacio Ara, 79% of the companies surveyed claimed to implement some kind of physical activity promotion strategy for their employees.

In many cases, they promote the participation of their employees in sporting events or in talks and workshops on healthy lifestyles, as well as facilitating the use of sports facilities for their activities.

These activities are mostly led by Human Resources, Finance, General Management or others specifically dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.

41% of the participating companies stated that they do not carry out any evaluation of the physical activity promotion strategies implemented in the organisation.

Obstacles and barriers

Perhaps some of these aspects make it difficult to propose the launching of an internal project in companies:

  • Lack of financial support from the government to enable companies to maintain physical activity among their professionals.
  • The lack of space in companies.
  • The lack of a figurehead within companies to set up an internal project to promote sport outside the office.
  • Lack of commitment or demand from workers.
  • Lack of internal processes to facilitate the procedural management of these projects.

Benefits and advantages

For a worker to be more productive, he or she must lead a healthy life. The more motivated workers are in companies, the easier it is to manage them. Sport is synonymous with happiness”, a word that encourages us to “take care of our body and our mental health”.

In many cases workers spend many hours in person and remotely performing their duties, perhaps this situation could be improved if in addition to incorporating thematic sessions, in an online format, physical activities were introduced to balance a healthier life.

The practice of team and individual sports results in:

  • Improvement of the working environment.
  • Encourages positive peer relationships and more productive teamwork.
  • It favours the inclusion of professionals in companies.
  • Diversity and motivation are promoted.
  • Pride in belonging to the company is generated.
  • Passion for the company’s brand is promoted.
  • It introduces a healthier lifestyle and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

What options do companies have for sport

There are countless options for promoting sport within companies. There is the possibility of creating an internal space in buildings that can be used for sports practice during working hours. In this way, we will ensure that the professional can dedicate some time of their working day to sports practice.

Perhaps a ranking of scores or awards could be developed to encourage all professionals to feel the need to work on their physical activity on a daily basis.

There are also private companies that organise sports competitions of all kinds: indoor football, 7-a-side football, basketball, paddle tennis, tennis, cycling, running, etc. Here, companies only have to promote the existence of an internal project so that all employees can present their candidatures and thus encourage participation in competitions.

As a result of these sporting practices, companies can encourage the participation of professionals through: internal recognition at company events, promotional videos of the activity they carry out, making sport visible through internal news and thus increasing the participation of more professionals. The option could even be considered for the People area to analyse the implementation of a section in each user’s profile to project their enthusiasm for sport, giving recognition to their career as a professional.

Perhaps one of the examples we have today that best sums up everything mentioned in this article is the Movistar Women’s Football Team project, made up entirely of Telefónica Group professionals and financially supported by the players themselves. The passion these players feel for enjoying their favourite sport when they leave the office makes them overcome barriers that we hope will soon be overcome.

They are an example of progress, effort and perseverance, playing football every week in commercial leagues.

Now, in my opinion, all that is missing is the implementation of an internal figure or project in companies so that all professionals become infected with healthy living and the daily motivation to practice their favourite sport.


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