Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to quality, security, innovation and honesty is, according to Telefónica's Business Principles, the basis of our relationship with our customers. Our vision to become an "Onlife Telco" means that they are at the centre of everything we do. Our aim is to become their best ally in their digital life.

Their satisfaction is the best proof that we are making progress. To measure it, we use the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), an indicator which is reported periodically to the Board of Directors.


50% of the variable remuneration of Telefónica professionals is directly linked to customers.


In 2020, we want to be number 1 in CSI in all the countries in which we operate, a goal which we have already reached in 11 markets.

To that end, Telefónica's strategic plan has been formulated, which includes three value proposals or "promises", aimed at giving customers what they want: "Do not let me down on connectivity"; Make me a simple offer", and "Speak to me with a single voice".


In 2020, we want to be number 1 in Customer Satisfaction in all the countries in which we operate.



Connectivity, the oxygen of today's digital life, is in Telefónica's DNA. In order "not to fail" customers, we will continue to improve the following aspects: ubiquity, traffic management speed and capacity, availability, maintenance, continuity and flexibility. How will we do this? Through excellent infrastructure management and investment in network expansion and improvement.



Another of our fundamental proposals is to provide a simple, integrated and unified service which reaches customers "with a single voice", so that it is easily understandable and attractive.



Connectivity and service provision are only enough if they are backed up by experience which makes a difference. This has made us rethink our brand values so that they can reflect a reliable, bold and open company. And one of our brand values is responsible business, which goes beyond short-term profitability and ensures that Telefónica will exist in the medium and long term.

In addition, we are working on an integrated plan to build a customer experience in which the fundamentals are guaranteed, that is, quality in everything (sales, activation, operation, billing, contact centres and technical support), consistency and simplicity, as well as making the most of big data in terms of understanding it better and thus being able to make proposals which set us apart, and to go beyond customer expectations.

And in this new environment, one of Telefónica's priorities is to promote digital trust. Customers need to recover their digital sovereignty, to be the owners of their digital fingerprint and to decide for themselves how their data will be used. Telefónica will always guarantee the privacy of its customers, and it will do so with security and transparency.

In fact, we are going to go a step further and make the defence of customer interests the focal point of our public positioning, which will revolve around three axes: digital trust, open Internet and digital access.


Responsible Business Channel

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