Electromagnetic Fields: What the experts say

  • Latin-American Expert Committee on Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health / August 2010


    The main conclusion reached in its bibliographical review on radiofrequencies and health is the lack of risk management and communication between countries. Among its main recommendations is the invitation to undertake socio-economic research in order to highlight the benefits of telecommunications technology in developing countries.

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  • World Health Organization (WHO) / May 2010


    Its Fact Sheet No. 193 “Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Mobile Phones” concludes that “to date, no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use”.

    This Fact Sheet includes the results of the international epidemiological research project INTERPHONE: “(…) no increase in brain cancer has been observed as a result of the use of mobile phones. Faced with the possibility of increased risk of brain tumours from long-term maximum level exposure, research should continue”.

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Scientists do not establish health risks from electromagnetic fields