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Dialogando is the new website of Movistar which aim is to help society to use technology in a responsible way and to gain all its advantages.


Global, accessible and multilingual, this free web is for all audiences to promote the debate about what happens regarding the Network and connected devices.

In Dialogando a committee of experts deals with matters related to digital identity -minors in the Net, connected families, education and digital competence-; the behavior -cyberbullying, online relationships, health, sexuality and digital citizenship-; security -inappropriate content, cybercrime, copyright, Internet protection and privacy-; innovation -Internet of things, new technologies and digital trends-; entertainment -movies, series, video games, books and music-; and sustainability -eco-efficiency, creative economy or social responsibility-.

This new project is a proposal of an evolution of the portal for parents and educators Digital Family, which so far Telefónica has been unfolding in 9 of its operations. With Dialogando, we aim to expand these key messages to all the stages of our life in which, in some way or another, we do not relate to technology.

The portal is accessible to people with audiovisual and hearing disabilities and it’s available in Spanish and English, with local adaptations for some Latin American countries.

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Use the State Security Bodies and Forces complaint lines to anonymously report child pornography or inappropriate contents on the Internet.

Reporting Child Labour

“Aquí Estoy y Actúo" is a Telefónica program so that all companies can actively collaborate in eradicating child labor.
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