Shareholders' Meeting of Telefónica: a sustainable event


The General Shareholders' Meeting of Telefónica S.A is another example of our responsible business approach. All processes, from planning and design to the dismantling, use sustainable, social and environmental criteria to lessen the environmental impact of the event and to increase its social impact. Telefónica also continues to develop the sustainable management of all its events.

The Meeting is being held in a location that fulfils all accessibility criteria, and which is preferably reached on public and collective transport; includes measures for energy efficiency and reduction of the resources consumed to the minimum such as paper, which is always FSC; care is taken with the separation and reuse of materials and priority is given to local suppliers. Shareholder participation in the event is also encouraged through electronic voting and the delegation of this vote.

It has all received international certification by Eventsost, an industrial reference at international level for this type of event, applying a method based on the main standards (Standards APEX/ASTM, ISO 20121, ISO 14001) focused on the operational aspects.


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