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Telefónica's commitment to ethics and integrity is key for our transformation process.

Message from Telefónica Chairman & CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete to employees.


Our ethical code, called Business Principles helps us to act with integrity, commitment and transparency. So we actualize our vision and can be sustainable over time thanks to the strength of our relationships based on trust and legitimacy.

These principles guide and direct our professionals in their daily work, both in decision-making and their behaviour, as well as the way they interact with customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society in general. It is the responsibility of each and every one of our professionals to adhere to these principles and to communicate any non-fulfilment. We also expect our partners and suppliers to comply with similar principles.


Responsible Business Office

The Business Office promotes its outreach and implementation. In Telefónica, we have a global Office and Business Principles Offices in the our main markets.

In this Office, the following areas are represented by the Human Resources, Internal Audit, General Secretary, Chief Commercial Development Officer, Purchasing, Operations, Compliance and the Global Corporate Ethics and Sustainability departments, permanently, being able to participate in a specific way other areas when the matter treated is directly related to their function.



One of Telefónica’s priorities is that our employees should know the spirit and the content of the Business Principles. In fact, we consider this to be the foundation on which to construct a culture in which our professionals understand what is expected from them and what their responsibilities are from the point of view of ethics and integrity. All of them have access, through their respective intranets, to the principles website, with information related to the code of ethics and the mechanisms which ensure its fulfilment.

Within the training plans there is a global online activity about our Business Principles, , which can be done through mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. Through a number of scenarios, it explains the importance for a company to have ethical guidelines, the responsibilities as professionals with regard to their fulfilment and channels where they can ask any questions, raise doubts or report possible contraventions. In addition, at Telefónica we carry out face-to-face activities to address certain ethical principles in greater depth, insisting on their applicability.


The 93% of the company's staff has passed the Responsible Business Principles course and our goal is to reach 100%


Responsible Communications

In line with our Business Principles and as an information and communication technology company, we promote freedom of expression, pluralism, diversity and are committed to inclusion, education and truthful information.

As a company dedicated not only to facilitating communication, but also to generating cultural, sporting, advertising and entertainment and other content that could have an impact and influence over society, we assume the responsibility of promoting responsible, ethical and quality communication through our Responsible Communications Policy.

With regard to our advertising messages and our sponsorships, we have included a number of guidelines, also in the contracts with the advertising agencies or media with which we work. These include that:

  • Do not take advantage of the good faith of the consumer. 
  • Do not compromise people's dignity.
  • Do not include messages or images promoting alcohol consumption, smoking, drug-taking, eating disorders or terrorism.
  • Never incite hatred, violence or discrimination, based on race, nationality,religion, gender or sexual orientation; we promote the use of a neutral and non-sexist language.
  • Do not incite to the commission of illegal behaviour or behaviour that harmsthe environment.
  • Do not take advantage of children's naivety.


Targeted advertising

We are aware of the importance of being transparent to our customers on the potential use of targeted advertising, with new technologies being applied in advertising. At Telefónica, however, targeted advertising is currently used only in a limited way, and, if so, always respecting our Responsible Communication Policy in terms of content and our global/local Privacy Policies in terms of data protection.

Customers may receive advertising based on their profiles when Telefónica has a lawful basis, that is, through an express consent (i.e. opt-in) (E.g. see section 5.3. of the Privacy Policy of Movistar Spain) or on the basis of legitimate interest for the purpose of processing data within reasonable expectations based on the relationship with the customer (section 5.2. of the Policy). Having said that, customers may withdraw this consent at any moment through the communication channels provided in our privacy policies (e.g. section 7 of the Policy).

In addition, it may be that we anonymize and aggregate our customers' data. Once fully anonymized, we analyze the anonymous data sets to generate information and statistical data ("insights") that we can use in the field of advertising to help agencies better plan their marketing and advertising campaigns.

We do not share the anonymous data sets with any of these entities, but only the insights. These never contain individualized information linked to natural persons, but only anonymous and highly aggregated statistical data, which prevents re-identification and therefore does not generate risk for the privacy of the data subjects.

Our anonymization processes have been exhaustively analyzed to comply with current privacy and data protection regulations and are constantly tested and monitored for continuous improvement.


Our principles in our daily life

We bring the Principles to our employees so that they can perceive them as their own and apply them in their day to day.

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Support and reporting concerns

At Telefonica we provide a Confidential Whistleblowing Channel available to employees and external stakeholders to report in confidence and anonymously if you wish, any possible irregularity or act contrary to applicable laws or internal regulations that you are aware of.

Concerns reported through the Channel will be managed in accordance with our data protection, respect and confidentiality principles. In cases in which an irregularity is identified, the Audit and Control Committee, dependent on the Board of Directors, is informed.

If you have a concern relating to any of the following aspects, please click on “Form” and provide the requested data:

  • Labour Conflict
  • Working Conditions
  • Information Security or Data Privacy issues
  • Acts contrary to the integrity of the company
  • Fraud
  • Favorable Treatment
  • Financial Reporting irregularities
  • Legal / Regulatory non-compliance

After submitting your concern via the form you will be provided with an unique User Id and Password which will allow you to anonymously consult the status of your concern at any time via the Confidential Whistleblowing Communication Channel. Through this channel you will also be able to provide additional information and to contact the Internal Auditor in charge of investigation the concern.


Responsible Business Channel

Furthermore, we have an external channel, the Responsible Business Channel, where all our stakeholders can report any complaint or consult any aspect related to our Business Principles.



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