Real-time voice and video through the browser in any device

Open standards are a need in a World where mobile Internet is becoming the norm. For an Open, and seamless, Internet experience users need interoperable Apps and services to communicate through any device and operating system no matter who the manufacturer or developer is.

And Mozilla is leading the way with the Firefox OS as we have already shown at Telefonica’s Digital Manifesto. And since plenty remains to be done, Mozilla keeps working to safeguard users’ open experience:

Mozilla has started to develop a new experimental service that aims to connect everyone with aWeb Real Time Communications -RTC- enabled browser. This experimental service is available inFirefox Nightly, the development version of the Firefox browser, three steps ahead before becoming the latest released version of Firefox. And how this Web-RTC service works is simple: If you have a browser, a camera and a mic, you’ll be able to make audio and video calls to anyone else with an enabled browser. It will eventually work across all of your devices and operating systems. And we’ll be adding lots more features in the future as we roll it out to more users. The service is powered by OpenTok video and voice platform, from TokBox, a Telefónica company. OpenTok is a flexible platform that leverages cutting-edge video, audio, and networking technologies such as WebRTC to bring the best possible experience to your browser or device through simple APIs.

The OpenTok based service is progressing well within Firefox, in fact it has already taken a step forward. After receiving so much positive feedback, OpenTok based service is now available through Aurora, Firefox Alpha version prior to the Beta version and subsequent official release, so that Mozilla can gather feedback from even more users.

It is not just about delivering messages; it is also about walking the talk. And Telefónica is supporting open standards not only through alliances such as the one with Mozilla on Firefox, but also directly working in the trenches with TokBox and the OpenTok platform.