Movistar Protects: Telefónica’s new bet on parental control in Spain

As a response to the increasing demand for new Internet security and supervision solutions for families, and Telefónica’s commitment to digital education for young children, Telefónica has launched Movistar Protege[Movistar Protects] in Spain, a complete parental control that allows parents and/or legal guardians to protect in real-time up to five minors through supervision of their Internet activity.

Movistar Protege is a multi-platform service that was founded as the fruit of a 2014 global agreement in Barcelona between Telefónica and Qustodio, the leading security solutions company in Barcelona.

Movistar Protege allows you to:

– Protect any type of device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, iPad, Ipod, Iphone, and Kindle) with various profiles.

– Establish hours of use, both for navigation and applications.

– Receive a daily or weekly report with each user’s activity.

– Receive alerts if the minor visits inappropriate pages or exceeds the established time for use.

– Supervise the minor’s friends on social networks and the type of content being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

– View and block who they speak with on the telephone and who they send SMS messages, as well as call lengths and number of texts exchanged.

– Send a priority message request to find out the minor’s exact location.

With this new parental control service, parents will be able to help even their youngest children to responsibly manage their digital life through a simple monthly subscription for € 1.50.  The only minimum requirement for hiring is that the parent or legal guardian own a Movistar phone line. It is not necessary for the child to have a line with the company.

Telefónica already currently has a platform for parents Familia Digital[Digital Family], but continues to commit to offering children and teenagers access to the entire potential of digital technology, encouraging their responsible use.