How Telefónica’s new Privacy Policy helps improving Digital Confidence of our customers

As part of Telefónica’s strategy to design a new digital experience based on trust and confidence (Digital Confidence), we approved in early 2013 a global Privacy Policy.

This policy establishes how Telefónica will protect the privacy of our customers and everyone who entrusts their personal data to us.
The Privacy Policy establishes mandatory common behavior rules and guidelines for all our regions and entities and creates clear and coherent positions regarding our privacy practices and data protection. It creates the framework for a culture of privacy based on three pillars:

  • Self-regulation of user’s rights and security, far beyond international and local laws;
  • Privacy as a driver of trust and confi dence, and key attributes of Telefónica;
  • Privacy as an enabler of innovation, welfare and prosperity in the Digital World.

Telefónica’s Privacy Committee, headed by its Chief Privacy Offi cer, ensures that the principles set out in the Privacy Policy are implemented. At the same time, the Privacy Committee is the internal and external point of reference for all stakeholders of Telefónica in relation to privacy.