Do you want to do more with your technology? Ask a Guru!

Telefónica has launched the Guru program in order to bring people and technology together in a way that is both enjoyable and convenient.

Who are the Gurus?

Gurus are digital experts found in over 800 Telefónica sales points around the World.
Their main objective is to remove the barriers that exist around new technologies and help people understand and resolve any doubts they might have when choosing or learning to use the Internet or other digital services and devices.

Gurus do not only explain customers how to use our services but how to get most out of them: for example, advising them the way to use WIFI, an App or how to transfer an address book from a device to another. They also inspire curiosity by sharing the latest trends and how technology can help you in your day-to-day life.

Telefónica has also launched three complementary services in Spain:

• ‘Gurú Total’, which offers technical assistance and inmediate advice for your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet when and where you want; protection for all your devices with Norton 360 Multi-Device; and protection for your photos and agenda with ‘Te lo guardo’.

• ‘Gurú Exprés’, which offers remote technical assistance in the event you need to solve a concrete issue.

• ‘Gurú en tu casa’ (Guru in your home), which offers site support in the event you need this kind of support.

Here is an explanatory video on the role of Gurus, our friendly tech experts:y and gadgets. Subscribe now to stay up to date with all the news and reviews from the tech world and for the latest offers from O2.

Last weekend, the gurus started in Berlin a tour, which is going to take them throughout all over Germany, to present the ultimate apps and gadgets, with explanatory sessions on digital topics and Q&A sessions on products and services. The gurus are doing this tour in the O2 Guru Truck, which offers, among other services, the “Inspirational corner”, in which visitors can know the ultimate apps and try them with their own hands, or the “Digital counter”, which offers a free WLAN service, a charge station for mobile phones and the chance of using the most advanced smartphones, including accessories.