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The Problem: Most of the bus companies are badly referenced on Google. Moreover, those companies do not offer online payment. It exists the phone booking but calling centers do not answer or the line is busy. The last solution to buy a bus ticket is to go to the terminal but all the companies have their own bus terminal. There is no online platform that concentrates the bus company offers and information such as bus services, or different prices. The Solution: We offer two solutions: a BtoC and a BtoBtoC system. The BtoC is the website where customers can compare all the companies integrated on the website and buy their bus tickets online. The BtoBtoC solution is a integrated selling platform on the bus websites to manage their billing process online. The Opportunity: We are working both in local and international market. The company local market is defined by the country. We are targeting the mid-Low and Mid-High segment both local and international travelers. We offer various different bus services to target a large audience. We are currently targeting internet users. Latin America has 1 billion bus travelers per year, with an internet growth rate around 12%. The mobile phone penetration is 112%. Competitive Advantage: First mover Advantage in the Peruvian market. We have two weapons: the mobile application will be automatically install on Movistar's mobile phone in every country we are going as we have the exclusivity with Movistar and Telefonica. Moreover we have signed some agreements with the Peruvian government to let them use our widget on the Peruvian official websites. the widget is a access to the Busportal database with the design of the website where the widget is implemented. The Revenue Model: We have various mechanisms to generate revenue. The main mechanism is the commission both BtoC and BtoBtoC paid by the bus companies on each bus ticket we sell. We do not charge the customer for our fee. We also generate selling reports for the bus companies to improve efficiency. We are developing additional mechanisms such the fee on a disbursement, ads on the website. As we have a positive and consequent treasury (we pay our suppliers 20 days after) we can generate financial revenues..