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Watch the live stream   The plenary sessions as well as workshops  01 and  18 will be streamed online.   Watch here   On social...

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Watch the live stream


The plenary sessions as well as workshops 01 and 18 will be streamed online.


Watch here


On social media


If you talk about the Assembly, please use the official hashtag: #daa11eu.


Digital Agenda EU


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Try the Digital Assembly mobile app (direct link for smartphones) to access the programme, speakers and map on your smartphone.



Share your views


For each workshop, you can share your views on the workshop page, the blog or on Twitter.


The hash tag for the Assembly is #daa11eu.


Workshop pageBlog postTwitter
01. Open data and re-use of public sector informationRead#daa11psi
02. What next for e-Identity and e-Signatures?Read#daa11eid
03. Interoperability and standards: making it happenRead#daa11standards
04. Cybersecurity: barriers and incentivesRead#daa11security
05. Financing and facilitating broadband projectsRead#daa11broadband
06. Partnership-based ICT research and innovationRead#daa11research
07. Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?Read#daa11socnetworks
08. Mainstreaming e-Learning in education and trainingRead#daa11learning
09. Access and digital ability: building a barrier-free digital societyRead#daa11ability
10. Addressing demographic change: a socio-economic challenge and opportunity for EuropeRead#daa11ageing
11. Greening ICTRead#daa11energy
12. Towards smart mobility: increasing the speed of intelligent transport systems takeup in EuropeRead#daa11transport
13. ICT and management of creative contentRead#daa11ipr
14. Building confidence for the digital single marketRead#daa11trust
15. IPv6 deployment in EuropeRead#daa11ipv6
16. Every European child safe onlineRead#daa11safeonline
17. Spectrum for wireless innovation in EuropeRead post #1


Read post #2

Read post #3

Read post #4

18. Towards a cloud computing strategy for Europe: Matching supply and demandRead#daa11cloud
19. Future digital economy: a chance for competitive and innovative European entrepreneurs and organisationsRead#daa11economy
20. Digital literacy and e-InclusionRead#daa11literacy
21. ICT for the Single Market: e-Government driving InnovationRead#daa11egov
22. Women for smart growthRead#daa11women
23. The Digital Agenda for Europe: building an open and global marketplaceRead#daa11global
24. The Digital Agenda for local and regional developmentRead#daa11local



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