Autumn is here: a quick look at the next weeks…

After the summer break, public policy issues are numerous for the ICT sector in this beginning of autumn 2011…   Here is a brief overview of some of the main events and...

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After the summer break, public policy issues are numerous for the ICT sector in this beginning of autumn 2011…

Here is a brief overview of some of the main events and issues highlighted in our automn agenda for the next weeks:

Concerning the Global Agenda:

On Internet Policy issues, we will participate to the Sixth Annual IGF Meeting that will be held this week in Nairobi, Kenya, on 27-30 September 2011 at the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON). The main theme of the meeting will be ‘Internet as a catalyst for change: access, development, freedoms and innovation’ with a plethora of roundtables and debates around Internet Governance.

The mobile world is also on the agenda, as the OECD has settled its annual Foresight Forum for the 26th October around the topic “Developments in Mobile Communications” in Paris.

–         We cannot forget the annual ITU Telecom World 2011 in Geneva will gather at the end of October (24-27), gathering leading industry players, government heads, digital innovators and technological talents, amongst others, for its 40th Anniversary.

On the European Agenda:

Of course, all the initiatives related to the Digital Agenda for Europe will be carefully followed, amongst other issues, but also national developments and new regulatory proposals.

–         Next appointment will be the Plenary of the European Regulators, BEREC. It will take place in Barcelona on the 29-30th September.

–         We will attend the conference “Cloud Law or Legal cloud ?” in Brussels on the 30th September, where there will be experts on Cloud Computing and related legal issues, such as data protection, transfers or contractual practices.

The ETNO Financial Times Annual Conference focused on Digital Agenda Summit, gathering top speakers of the telecom sector on the 3rd October, will discuss how to achieve a sustainable model for Internet in Brussels.

The Lisbon Council will also be present in our agendas at the beginning of October, through the Digital Agenda Summit on the 4th, with the presence of Matthew Key, Chairman and CEO of the newly created Telefónica Digital, and also through the Lisbon Council Innovation Summit on the 6th, with the presence of  Tim Sefton MD Business Development, Telefónica Europe

Related to Sustainability issues:

– We will carefully follow the debates on the European Electric Vehicle Market, on the 6th October in Brussels, organised by the Public Policy Exchange.

R&D in Europe discussions will be present at the EC’s conference on “Global ICT industry: changing landscape? – The future of European ICT R&D”, on the 19-20 October, in Brussels.

–        Also the Child Safety on the Net issue will be analysed during the annual EC Safer Internet Forum in Luxembourg on the 20-21st October.

ncerning LatinAmerican Agenda:

–         There will be the 5th EU-Brasil Business Summit in Brussels on the 4th October where ICT issues and perspectives will be discussed.

–         We will also attend the AHCIET II Iberoamerican Forum for the Broadband Boost, on the 7th-8th November, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on the issue of “Towards a Sustainable Model for Internet for all, main Otcomes and Perspectives for 2015-2020”.

Finally, on the US Agenda:

–         Broadband Metrics is at the top of the US agenda: the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation is holding a conference on “Measuring Broadband Performance”, on the 23rd September.

–          Following these discussions, there will be an interesting workshop on Broadband Metrics, hosted by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and co-chaired by the United States Department of Commerce in Washington DC., on October 12-13, 2011. This two-day event will be based on a discussion of the list of broadband and ICT metrics presented by the OECD for the High Level Meeting at the end of June 2011.

–         EU-USA Information Society Dialogue will take place on the 6th October, a platform that allows both administrations to reflect jointly on common objectives and strategic priorities as well as exchanging best practices and information.

This is all for the moment…But do not forget to check our Blog to be fully updated!


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