Edgar Paúl Ramos Fuertes

  • My name is Edgar Paúl Ramos Fuertes.
  • My profession is Electronic Engineer in Telecommunications
  • I have been working at Telefónica Movistar Ecuador for 14 years.
  • I started my work in the company as a Customer Service Executive.
  • Later I was Quality Executive
  • Then I was head of Alternate CAV, dedicated to Technical Service Customer Service.
  • My next position was as Technical Service Supervisor for the Northern Region, which I still hold today.
  • In my spare time I practice triathlon (I usually do it in the early mornings), I have participated in 2 IronMan 70.3, many athletics races and several duathlons.
  • I love to run training camps for young people and children helping them to enjoy life in essence, meeting friends and playing traditional games.
  • I enjoy the challenges and I make my day to day life a unique experience, because life is only one.
  • The phrase that identifies me is MANY THINGS ARE DIFFICULT, NOT IMPOSSIBLE.


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