Sustainability and Quality Committee



Without prejudice to any other duties that may be allocated to it by the Board of Directors, the Sustainability and Quality Committee shall have at least the following duties:

  1. To supervise and review the strategies and policies of the Company’s Responsible Business Policy, including environmental and social issues, ensuring that they are aimed at responding to the expectations of the company’s stakeholders and the creation of value, and to propose to the Board of Directors that they be updated and modified when necessary.

  2. To promote a proactive relationship strategy with our stakeholders: customers, investors, suppliers, employees and society in general, with the purpose of defining the material issues affecting the Company from risk and opportunity perspectives.

  3. To supervise the impact analyses linked to the Responsible Business strategy and our reputation, both from a business perspective and from the perspective of their impact on society, and in particular Human Rights and the Environment, as well as the legal modifications, recommendations and best business practices, which could have a significant influence for the Telefónica Group in matters of sustainability and reputation.

  4. To analyze, promote and supervise Telefónica Group’s sustainability objectives, action plans and practices in the environmental and social areas, including aspects such as ethical behavior, human rights, the environment and climate change, responsible management of the supply chain, digital trust and the responsible use of technology, talent and diversity, sustainable customer responsibility, ethical and sustainable products and services and inclusive connectivity, as well as other issues identified as risks or opportunities for the Company in terms of sustainability.

  5. To ensure that the sustainability practices in the environmental and social areas conform to the strategy that has been determined, and evaluate their degree of compliance through quality indices, ESG, the measurement of reputation and sustainability, among others, making recommendations where necessary to improve the Telefónica Group’s management in these fields.

  6. To ensure that the corporate culture is aligned with its purpose and values with transparency towards its stakeholders.

  7. Together with the Audit and Control Committee, to know the process of reporting non-financial information in matters of social responsibility and sustainability, which includes the aspects and matters detailed in sections 2), 3) and 4) above in accordance with international benchmarks, as well as the risks relating to those matters.

  8. Any other matters related to the fields within its competence that are requested by the Board of Directors or its Chairman.



The current composition of the Sustainability and Quality Committee is as follows:

Name Position Date of Appointment
Mr. Francisco Javier de Paz Mancho Chairman December 18, 2019
Mr. Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain Member November 25, 2020
Ms. Carmen García de Andrés Member July 26, 2017
Mr. Ignacio Moreno Martínez Member May 31, 2013
Ms. María Rotondo Urcola Member September 29, 2021
Ms. Claudia Sender Ramírez Member December 18, 2019