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Telefónica’s commitment to our 120,000 employees, in accordance with the Responsible Business Principles y Negocio Responsable, is to promote their professional development, to provide them with a fair salary and to ensure respect for human rights.

Health and safety is one of our team’s most basic rights. In order to guarantee it, we have an occupational risk prevention management system, which affects both the Group and the companies whose work forms a part of all its processes and services.


We help our employees to develop and strike a balance between their professional and personal life


In addition, we go beyond the legal requirements by actively helping employees to improve their well-being through healthy habits. To that end, we have Feel Good, a corporate programme to do with nutrition, health and physical activity and individuals.

Another priority is the freedom of association and social dialogue. In this context, the Global Agreement originally signed with Union Network International (UNI) takes into account developments in the field of corporate responsibility in accordance with the Guiding Principles Principios Rectores para Empresas y United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


The Best Team

At Telefónica, we aspire to create the best team for the transformation, building the talent for the future. Therefore, in 2017, we dedicate 4.9 million hours to training, 40 hours per employee, 4% more than the previous year.

The learning opportunities provided are both face-to-face (Universitas and specialised courses) and online (e-learning programmes).

Remuneration is another fundamental way to attract, retain, and motivate our professionals. Therefore, we have defined the “total compensation” concept, to refer to the sum total of all the various forms of benefits they can receive.

As part of this concept, we are strengthening the Employee Share Plans as long-term incentives with which we want to reach out to all employees within the Group worldwide, at all organisational levels. A total of 25% of employees are Telefónica shareholders in 2017.

In addition to managing and strengthening the development of our employees, we are committed to attracting young talent. 

In the last 2 years we have incorporated almost 15,000 young people into the workforce and our commitment is to incorporate 25,000 more by 2020.

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