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Telefónica’s commitment to our employees, in accordance with the Responsible Business Principles, is to promote their professional development, to provide them with a fair salary and to ensure respect for human rights.

Technological advances, social changes, the expectations of new generations, the ageing of the population... pose important challenges in the management of people in companies. We don’t have all the answers to the challenges, but we are prepared to address them with integrity, transparency, and commitment. As Peter Druker says, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

In our current company plan, team motivation is essential. The idea is to build a new “Telefónica Way” in which the organisation is flatter, employees are empowered and have a “growth mentality”, the ways of working are much more agile, and each of us invests in our continuous learning.

In addition, our goal is for the environment to be more inclusive and diverse, to foster well-being in its broadest sense, and, above all else, to remain faithful to our company purpose.


We want our employees to be ambassadors and to recommend Telefónica as a good place to work (eNPS)


The variable remuneration of our professionals incorporates aspects of sustainability


The Share Plans allow us to align the team's objectives with that of the Shareholders, and to increase the feeling of belonging


Our providers are fundamental on this path, true allies without which we couldn’t move forward. With them we share both Business Principles and goals. We are aware that our impact goes beyond our 113,800 employees because we generate 9.6 additional jobs for each person we hire. Thus, we contribute to the employment of 1,100,000 people. 



The well-being of employees directly influences their motivation, creativity, and productivity. We no longer only talk about safety and the reduction of accidents when placing a tower or fibre network, nor about having ergonomic postures, but also about emotional and mental balance, work-personal life balance… 

Hence the new Telefónica Global Policy on the Health, Safety and Well-being for our employees, supply chain, and partners, and our Feel Good program which affects physical activity, nutrition, health, and emotions. And to take a step further, we have a commitment to the digital disconnection of our professionals.


More than 90% of Telefónica operators have a Safety, Health, and Well-being management system


Another priority is freedom of association and social dialogue. In this area, our Global Agreement signed with the Union Network International takes into account evolution in terms of corporate responsibility, as established in the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.



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