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Sustainable Projects

Together we can make the world a more sustainable place. To do so, and after having opened the last three editions to our employees, this year we have also opened the IV Sustainable Innovation Initiative to our suppliers and to Open Future and Wayra accelerated start-ups to contribute, all together, to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

We are looking for ideas with a social or environmental impact which are related to your business and Telefónica. In addition, with an economic value for the Company: products and services, internal transformation projects, or commercial and marketing activities. Disruptive, innovative, and affordable solutions that address real problems with a potential market. 

More than 150 candidates in 2018! Discover here the winners: Producing Right, Electricity and connectivity for all and Drones for traffic control. Now, it is time to make them come true! Know them!


Producing Right! - Startup of Wayra Brasil BovControl and Big Data for Social Good team (LUCA)

With the aim of helping rural producers to improve their effectiveness, taking into account the social and environmental aspects of their properties. Through the BovControl platform, the project stores, manages and analyses the data on "Climatically Intelligent Livestock", including the estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and aligning ourselves with the Big Data for Social Good models of LUCA and FAO in Ecuador.


Electricity and Connectivity for All - The Internet for All team and Foundation

Creation of a business model comprised of both electricity and connectivity in the homes in the remote areas of Latin America, starting on the shores of the Napo River in Peru. The objective is to execute a series of pilot projects that enable the sustainable model of electrical microgeneration in homes in isolated areas of the said shores, where Internet for All has already provided mobile internet access solutions and the Foundation is developing its “Luz en Casa Amazonia” (Electricity in Amazon homes) project.


Drones for Traffic Control – IoT Innovation Team

Telefónica’s global Internet of Things team is going to develop a traffic control and support system through drones and IoT. Thanks to this system, a Government traffic control centre, can direct one or several drones through the mobile network.


Congratulations also to the Finalists:

  • Earthquake stream – CSR Team of O2 UK and Alcis Holdings Limited.
  • Vivo Financial Assistant – Innovation and strategy team of Brazil.
  • Continuous radon gas measurement - IoT Global Team.
  • Kuntur - Network Operation, Maintenance and Performance Team of Telefónica Argentina.
  • Robodoc “Your guardian angel” - Clouders I+D+i Team of Telefónica Argentina.
  • The Government of the Bots- Customer experience team of Telefónica El Salvador.


Panel of judges

The jury responsible for analysing the proposals is made up of Telefónica directors - Elena Valderrábano (Corporate Ethics and Sustainability), Jaime Rodríguez-Ramos (Strategy), Miguel Arias (Telefónica Open Future), David del Val (Telefónica I+D)  and Arancha Diaz-Lladó (Sustainable Innovation); as external members were part of the jury  Lucila García (SERES Foundation), Mark Vilanova (ESADE), Almudena de la Mata (Impact Hub) and Esther Rodríguez (IADB).


- Awarded Projects 2017

  • Fire Prevention Drones - Equipment CCDO-IOT Innovation

    Early detection of fires in forest areas with autonomous drones at the base stations to provide images, measurements and information from the air.

  • Smart Energy SMES – CCDO (IOT New Businesses)

    Registration of energy consumption and data analytics to promote savings, with energy meters in buildings which send data via a mobile network to a platform in the cloud. With this prize, the team will be able to conduct the pilot project in Peru.

  • Internet For All - Autonomous OFF-GRID Systems -CCDO (Product Innovation)

    Generation of energy, for example hybrid energy, in remote areas in order to deploy broadband mobile services where it has traditionally been unprofitable to do so. With the support of the Sustainable Innovation area, the prizewinners will conduct a pilot project in Peru.

  • Pacuare - Telefónica Costa Rica (Operation and supervision)

    3G/LTE coverage for remote areas, disasters, large-scale events etc., deployed with a drone and a hot-air balloon containing the device and batteries.



- Awarded Projects 2016

  • Yanapaqi - Telefónica Peru (Rural Connectivity Team)

    Communications and training for 3,000 people, enabling them to access the financial, educational and health systems via Satellite Movistar Wi-Fi and the Tu Movistar, Tu Dinero Móvil and Mi Movistar apps.

  • Fénix - Telefónica Business Solutions (Portable 2G/3G Connectivity and Fleet Management via satellite)

    Portable kit to extend the 2G/3G cellular network and a fleet management solution, enabling us to communicate more rapidly with areas which are cut off by natural disasters, acts of terrorism, armed conflicts, etc. In addition, Fénix can be used to reinforce communications during major events. 

  • Smart Heritage - Telefónica Chile (Corporate Innovation)

    Management and protection of complex natural heritage, namely saltpetre mines located in one of the driest deserts on the planet, by means of Smart Heritage, an IoT solution used until now at the Santa María la Real Foundation (Spain). 


IV Sustainable Innovation Initiative 2018

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MOVISTAR+ 5S, A Success story

Movistar+ 5S, the pioneering proposal to bring television to people with sensory disabilities, was created as a result of a sustainable innovation pilot scheme.
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