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Customer Orientation

Our commitment to quality, security, innovation and honesty is, according to Telefónica's Business Principles, the basis of our relationship with our customers. Our vision places them at the centre of everything we do. Our aim is to become their best ally in their digital life.

Their satisfaction is the best proof that we are making progress. To measure it, we use the NPS (Net Promoter Score) which indicates their predisposition to recommend our products and services.

We also take into account the perception of customers and non-customers about us with the RepTrak Pulse®, which considers admiration, respect, esteem, trust and good impression.


15% of the remuneration variable of Telefónica's professionals is directly linked to the degree of customer satisfaction


We have 345 million customers, a figure that exceeds the United States population


The basics: excellent connectivity with the best network

Connectivity, the oxygen of today's digital life, is in Telefónica's DNA. In order "not to fail" customers, we will continue to improve the following aspects: ubiquity, traffic management speed and capacity, availability, maintenance, continuity and flexibility. How will we do this? Through excellent infrastructure management and investment in network expansion and improvement.


Simplify: an integrated service

Another of our fundamental proposals is to provide a simple, integrated and unified service which reaches customers "with a single voice", so that it is easily understandable and attractive.

We want to be relevant for our customers. We strive to not fail them, to give them maximum flexibility and proactivity, and to win their hearts, their trust


What sets us apart: experience and customer values

The digitalization of our processes and systems and artificial intelligence are allowing us improve the experience of customers in everything: how we launch our products, how we sell and bill, and we resolve requests and problems or even how we finalize the service. In addition, and to make their lives easier, we give them the option -with Novum and Aura- of doing a multitude of processes themselves through their mobiles.

Another one of our priorities is to promote digital trust. Customers have to recover their digital sovereignty, own their fingerprint and consciously decide what use they want their data to be made of. Telefónica will always guarantee your privacy and do so with security and transparency.


One more step: Responsibility by Design

The Responsibility by Design approach that we apply in the design of our new products and services is allowing us to to turn responsibility into a key innovation factor. We incorporate matters related to reputation, sustainability, human rights, eco-design, privacy and data ethics from the outset.

Responsible Business Channel

Ask us any aspect related to sustainability of Telefónica in our Responsible Business Channel.


The Board of Directors Service Quality and Commercial Service Committee meets five times a year to review, among other subjects, the evolution of our customer’s satisfaction, and the main initiatives to improve it.


To make the most of the Internet and technology, it is important for all of us to encourage a smart and responsible use.
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