Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are essential for the education, relations, leisure and, in short, the development of our children. It is therefore essential to try to promote an environment in which they can use them safely.

Telefónica’s strategy to promote an environment in which minors can use new technologies safely and to contribute to creating a better internet is composed of four basic pillars:
  • Internal norms through self-regulation
  • Specific products, services and tools for users
  • Alliances with key stakeholders
  • Support to parents, children and teachers with educational initiatives


Self-regulation is often the starting point for other initiatives, almost always related to each other. For example, some years ago it led us to proactively block images of sexual abuse on the internet, following the guidelines and the lists provided by the Internet Watch Foundation.


Likewise, we have an icon to report the existence of these images or other inappropriate or illegal contents. The information goes to the official nodes of Inhope, who attend to the complaint. At present, you can find this option on the websites in Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, where the “Seguros en Internet” portal has received the National Award for Digital Democracy 2015. In Spain, the Guardia Civil is responsible to answer what users report. And our commitment is to support hot lines worldwide.




The development of these kinds of measures has helped us to fulfil our commitments to the European Commission as part of the CEO Coalition for a Better Internet for Children and the Coalition of ICT Companies for safer use of the internet by children and teenagers: to offer users simple, robust reporting tools and appropriate privacy settings; more extensive use of the classification of contents; greater availability and use of parental controls; the effective elimination of child abuse contents; and education and awareness-raising initiatives.


This collaboration by the industry facilitates the joint search for solutions which require the intervention of the different parties in the value chain for a safe environment in the use of the internet from all platforms (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and available for the different types of internet access (fixed, mobile, wi-fi, etc.).
Thus, the ICT Principles are supported by companies in all the different spheres of the sector, from network operators to device manufacturers, as well as content providers, search engines, etc.


In the same way, Telefónica has strategic civil society alliances, notably the national collaboration with the nodes ofInhope and Insafe, such as ASIPantallas AmigasRed PapazChildnetFSM and other non-governmental organisations.