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Index on Digital Life

"Digitalisation has the power to affect everything we do. It changes the way individuals and organizations interact, communicate, and learn; how they work and conduct business; how they spend their leisure time.”

The ‘Telefonica Index on Digital Life’ has revealed that the strength of digital life varies strongly across the world. Latin American countries show great progress in relation to their economic performance, in particular, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

The comprehensive Index formula uniquely takes into account three components, informed by 50 different pre-existing sets of public data relating to digital life across the world:  


OPENNESS. The ease of information flow within a particular economy (open access to technology and systems)

CONFIDENCE. The extent to which users engage with and trust the digital world (Incl. education and privacy)

ENTREPRENERSHIP. How economic activities prosper in the digital environment (the freedom to innovate)


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