Open Data Institute: a smart cooperation agreement to explore a better future

Telefónica has recently signed a partnership agreement with the Open Data Institute (ODI).

The ODI was set up in 2012 with support from the UK Government to drive economic growth through the application of Open Data.

Telefónica is working with the ODI to explore how anonymized and aggregated data can be used in a responsible way to deliver benefits back to business and society. Telefónica and the ODI are sharing knowledge on how best to extract insights from large amounts of data. Telefónica is also supporting some of ODI’s start-ups through Wayra, Telefónica’s start-up accelerator program.

During the last Campus Party in London, Telefónica, The Open Data Institute and the MIT held a “Datathon”. They put together a selection of open datasets and encouraged a number of teams to come up with new ideas, concepts and applications that would demonstrate how data can be used to benefit society.