How to cook a wiki: the cooperation of Telefónica with elBullifoundation

The BulliPedia will be a platform in different formats (paper and online) with apps and courses, as ways to spread researchs and content created in elBulliLab (the first headquarters of elBoullifoundation).

The project has been created by Ferran Adrià -widely regarded as the world’s best chef – and Telefónica, which will help bring his vision to life by bringing technology to the core of The BulliPedia. The BulliPedia is the result of the collaboration between 10 Fridays and elBullifoundation. An e-mail address for contributions and suggestions is now open at:

10 Fridays is a Telefónica R+D program, through which the company’s engineers can use up to ten Fridays to develop their own ideas. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage creativity and innovation within our engineering team.

elBullifoundation is a private foundation with the backing of Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler. It has been created to pursue two main objectives: to safeguard the legacy of El Bulli and to create the BulliPedia. Its headquarter is located in the BulliLab (Barcelona) and a smaller headquarter called elBulli1846 is planned to be open at the end of 2016 in “cala Montjoi”.

For more information: