From isolation to Digital Inclusion: Delivering solutions for the Unconnected

Telefónica believes that public-private partnerships can play an important role in providing connectivity to remote regions. There are a wide range of initiatives based on public-private cooperation that have proven to be key contributors for narrowing the digital divide.

Intégrame: Public-private partnership to deploy communications facilities in isolated areas, through wireless technology. Through rolling out 32 new base stations in 29 districts of Peru during the last 4 years, Intégrame has connected 229 villages, benefiting more than 70,000 inhabitants.

Media Networks: a Telefónica Digital company, provides a pioneer Internet Access service through Ka band satellite communications in Latin America. Available since 2013 in six countries in the region, it plans to reach over 800K homes in the next 4 years.


M-Inclusion: Funded by the European Commission, this public-private initiative facilitates online dialogue between developers of inclusive mobile solutions, and potential users who are at risk of social exclusion (low income, disability, chronic illness, and isolated areas). M-Inclusion aims also to act as a collaborative forum to reinforce the ecosystem integrated by governments, private entities, NGOs, academics, and researchers, which have the common goal of promoting the digital inclusion. All ecosystem players can participate in the M-Inclusion community free of charge, and access a variety of services, including a virtual marketplace, where developers can offer their inclusive applications to targeted end users.