Betting on cyber-security: the investment of Telefónica and Kibo Ventures in Blueliv

Kibo Ventures, through the Amerigo Investment fund, Telefónica Ventures, the venture capital arm of Telefónica, and the entrepreneur Roger Casals, have invested 2.5 million euros in the cyber security company Blueliv, to develop new products and fund the firm’s international expansion.

Blueliv has developed a cloud-based solution that protects organizations from credit card fraud, data theft, and the latest generation of malware and cyber threats. In the two years since its launch, Blueliv has obtained important clients in the financial, energy and telecommunications sectors in Spain and Latin America. In the coming years, Blueliv expects to increase its turnover exponentially, reaching 25 million euros by 2017.

“Organizations must be aware of what’s happening beyond their Information Systems and combat cyber threats that originate outside their companies. Security vendors continue to offer technologies based on old conventional models and are unable to offer and active intelligent solution to malware and other persistent and increasingly sophisticated new threats,” explains Daniel Solis, CEO and Founder of Blueliv and continue, “Confidence in the project on the part of Telefonica, Kibo Ventures and Roger Casals, will help us achieve our goal of becoming an international leader in cloud-based against cybercrime technology”.