Telefónica to attend 4YFN to strengthen its commitment to innovation

Telefónica will attend this edition of 4YFN with its own space where more than 30 startups invested by its investment vehicles will be present. Telefónica representatives will participate in the more than 20 meetings 10planned to facilitate the conversation about innovation in strategic technology areas and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Telefónica has a powerful open innovation strategy, which was consolidated with the creation of the large global Innovation and Talent Hub it announced last October.

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Telefónica announces that it will once again be present at Four Years From Now (4YFN), the entrepreneurship event held in parallel to the Mobile World Congress, which will take place in Barcelona from 28th to 3rd March. 4YFN has established itself as the great meeting to support startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business projects.

Telefónica will have its own stand at 4YFN, which will be a meeting point for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem and where the company will be able to showcase its Open Innovation proposal, which includes the initiatives of Wayra, Open Future and Telefónica Ventures. Its presence follows the announcement made by Telefónica last October with the launch of a major new venture capital platform. The global Innovation and Talent Hub by Telefónica is consolidating its position as the undisputed leader in digitalisation and is committed to being a pioneer in the latest technologies, which is why it is attending 4YFN to look abroad and attract the talent and emerging technologies present in digital entrepreneurship.

Several Telefónica representatives will be taking part in more than one meeting10 during the four days of 4YFN. The main presentation will be given by Chema Alonso (Chief Digital Officer at Telefónica) on Tuesday 1 March at the Sabadell Stage, under the name ‘A Brave New World (Wide Web)’, where he will review the new paradigms we are facing such as Web3, cryptocurrencies or virtual worlds and the metaverse, and in which he will make a relevant announcement.

Another important presence at 4YFN will be Irene Gómez, Global Director of Open Innovation at Telefónica, who will participate alongside global representatives from other telcos in the panel ‘Reinventing the future of telco’, where she will present a new project to support entrepreneurs worldwide, on Wednesday 2 March. On the same day, Guenia Gawendo, head of Telefónica Ventures, will take part in the talk ‘The Secret Sauce for the Perfect Corporate – Scaleup Collaboration’.

Also participating will be Marta Antúnez, head of Wayra Barcelona, who together with four startups will delve into the Fintech ecosystem in the session ‘Fintech raising stars: Meet the hottest startups in Fintech to watch in 2022’ on Tuesday 1 March, and Paloma Castellano, head of Wayra Madrid, who will attend the session ‘Open Innovation & CVC’.

Wayra stand at 4YFN

Wayra will take advantage of 4YFN to present to investors, institutions and corporations more than 30 startups that are part of the portfolio of Wayra X, Wayra Builder, Telefónica Open Future, Telefónica Ventures and Wayra‘s hubs in Hispam, Brazil, Madrid, Barcelona, Germany and the United Kingdom, which will show the public their solutions for cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and video. The meeting point to get to know them will be Wayra’s stand in Hall 6 of Fira Gran Via.

The startups to be seen at the stand are the following:

On Monday, 28th February, the Wayra stand will host these startups:

  • Climate Trade is a blockchain-based climate marketplace that helps companies achieve carbon neutrality. It connects companies that need to offset their carbon emissions with a large number of proven environmental projects to facilitate corporate net zero strategies and make them more transparent.
  • Éxxita uses management platforms based on artificial intelligence and Big Data techniques to provide a fast and flexible response.
  • Auravant develops IT tools that use satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to assist the farmer and agronomist in their tasks.
  • Matsuko has created “holographic communication”. Through a camera and mixed reality glasses, it offers a realistic experience of being physically anywhere, reducing environmental impact.
  • Wise CX offers a customer service optimisation solution that centralises information from multiple channels on a single platform (such as calls, email, web forms, chats, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, e-commerce platforms, etc.).
  • Competize enables organisers of competitions in any sport and E-Sport to automate the management of their events, increase their visibility and generate more revenue through sponsorship and merchandising.
  • Citibeats is an artificial intelligence analysis platform that processes the natural language used in social networks, forums, citizen attention channels, etc. and obtains quantifiable data on community opinion and trends, and is even capable of mapping conversation hotspots by geographical area. This allows companies and institutions to better understand their users, and make informed decisions about the issues that really matter.
  • Pridatect simplifies personal data protection with automation. With leading, intuitive and visual software, companies can easily manage their GDPR compliance regulations without hassle, reducing time and being able to handle large volumes of data.
  • Kubbo offers logistics services for eCommerce: fulfilment and delivery for ecommerce and digital native brands.

El martes, 1 de marzo, se podrán ver las siguientes startups:

  • Deeder has patented a technology that allows companies that are implementing instant messaging services as new channels for communicating with their customers to turn Whatsapp conversations into legal contracts.
  • CamOnApp is an immersive technology company, with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions that can be integrated into both mobile and web applications through WebVR technology.
  • analyses which are the search trends on a topic and prioritises which are the most demanded. It is a keyword aggregator of the fastest growing trends. It generates an ordered list of trends based on growth, search volume and competition.
  • eAgora is a gamified social network to connect public administration with citizens that allows to multiply and accelerate the transition process towards the 2030 Agenda.
  • Wiper is an innovative e-learning platform that uses Edtech tools and the experience of the best League of Legends, Valorant or Fornite coaches.
  • Councilbox offers a complete tool for holding legally valid online corporate meetings from a single platform.
  • iArchiva is a document management system that allows a high percentage of document management to be automated without the intervention of any user, without learning or templates.
  • Ezzing has developed an online platform that optimises the entire value chain of the solar sector; from lead management, to installer management, solar plant design and project creation and permitting, enabling savings for these companies of more than 70%.
  • Tucan offers software that automatically takes notes of meetings, analyses them and even summarises them. Its aim is to allow everyone to focus on what really matters to them in meetings.

El miércoles, 2 de marzo, presentarán las siguientes startups:

  • Rosita aims to help seniors (aged 60-80) increase their healthy life expectancy by 5 years by providing them with their own Longevity Plan through a virtual longevity coach mobile app.
  • Timiak Tech is a startup with a mission to improve current diagnostic instruments using innovative technology. Perfect vision should be complementary, not a privilege.
  • MySphera has developed a solution that uses IoT to monitor both patients and equipment in healthcare centres, allowing to know their status and location. The solution allows patients to be securely identified and optimises the use of equipment, providing real-time information on the care process throughout the centre.
  • Omnix is a logistical orchestrator, able to connect to all resources and services that need to interact at the same time and in the right way, which also has the ability to anticipate problems and make the right decisions immediately.
  • Monogoto has developed an IoT connectivity cloud platform under the IaaS model with operations in more than 180 countries and compatible with the networks of more than 550 mobile operators that enables the management and control of a global network of devices.     
  • Trilio is a US-based leader in data protection for Kubernetes, OpenStack and Red Hat.
  • Hybrico is a clean technology company that designs, manufactures, installs and operates “hybrid power” and “smart energy storage” solutions for OffGrid and Bad-Grid telecommunication sites.
  • QuadMinds is a comprehensive solution for logistics and supply chain management, ranging from real-time tracking of vehicles and machinery using IoT technology, to route optimisation, and analysis of data collected throughout the process for business intelligence.
  • Unmanned life is the leading 5G, Edge and AI-enabled software platform that can deploy and manage at scale, integrated swarms of different types of robotic devices (drones, AMR, etc.) of varying capabilities, working together autonomously to deliver commercial-grade solutions for the smart city and Industry 4.0 market sectors.

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