Telefónica Tech positions acens as a specialist center for AWS

• acens, a pioneer for cloud services, is increasing its current team that is already specialised in AWS, with new highly qualified profiles in each of the areas, with experience and certification according to the highest standards.
• 80% of acens employees will be AWS certified in the coming months.
• Given this focus, the AWS portfolio by acens is growing considerably, providing solutions ranging from the most complex Managed Services, to Security and Compliance solutions, Cost Control, Backup and Disaster Recovery or Migration, including Self-Managed Reselling.

specialist center for AWS

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Telefónica Tech continues to expand its portfolio of AWS professional services. Now, acens is a pure Center of Competence (CoE) for AWS in Telefónica Tech. acens part of Telefónica Tech is composed of a group of expert professionals from Telefónica Tech, who will apply the best practices recommended by AWS, to offer customers a fast, secure transition to the cloud and a continuous evolution of their environments on AWS.

“Our value proposition is aimed at helping companies in the transition and adoption of Cloud Services, through a portfolio of solutions and advice that allow these to be achieved in a satisfactory manner from a technical and economic point of view, regardless of the degree of customer’s maturity, in each of the project’s phases: Consulting, Design, Execution and Optimization. With the security of being accompanied by a trusted, experienced and highly qualified Partner,” says Ricardo de la Cruz, Innovation Director at acens.

Likewise, the professional specialization of the acens team in AWS technologies, which has been joined by new highly qualified profiles, with experience and certification at the highest standards, will progressively increase from the current 25% to 80% over the coming months. Practically the entire company is currently immersed in AWS academic and practical training, which will lead to the appropriate certifications.

acens part of Telefónica Tech is a pioneer in the development of Cloud solutions with 25 years’ experience and has been part of Telefónica since 2011. Its extensive experience and comprehensive portfolio offers the following services to SMEs in Spain with Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud services. Within the latter, the following AWS by acens professional services stand out:

  • Migration: acens advises and accompanies in the process of adopting the AWS cloud, both in simple migrations (lift&shift) as well as in complex migrations that require the transformation of services or processes.
  • Security and Compliance: acens is an expert in security and governance matters, and therefore offers architecture and design solutions following well-defined security standards, oriented towards regulatory compliance
  • FinOps and Cost Control: The design solutions offered by acens are focused on using cloud services efficiently, including cost control and analysis tools to control and optimize spending.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: acens offers customers its expertise to protect and ensure the availability of services on the AWS cloud, through the development of disaster recovery (DR) architectures and business continuity plans (BCP), including the definition of a backup plan against unforeseen events, such as Ransomware.
  • Self-managed Reselling: If the customer wishes, they can manage their AWS environment with the option of support by acens in Spanish, or directly with AWS in English.
  • Managed services: the customer chooses whether they want acens to manage their AWS platform allowing them to focus on their business.

The history of collaboration between Telefónica Tech and AWS dates back to 2018. With the agreement signed last February, Telefónica Tech can not only be an AWS cloud provider, but also drive the digital transformation of the business world with additional services and innovation. This agreement strengthens its relationships in the Cloud market and allows it to advance in its strategy of becoming a technology hub in southern Europe, with differentiating and innovative proposals.

In fact, Telefónica Tech was the first AWS partner in Spain to obtain the Security Competency in 2020. This competency qualifies the company as a partner with abilities for adoption, development and implementation in cloud security projects in AWS environments.


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