Telefónica adds four new collections to its NFT Marketplace

● Gamium, Paysenger, The Crypto Hunters and Metacampus are joining Telefónica's NFT Marketplace to offer four unique and exclusive collections available from today.
● Since its creation in 2021, Telefónica's NFT Marketplace has continued to evolve and grow its offering to become a benchmark in the Web3 world.

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Telefónica incorporates four new exclusive collections to its NFT Marketplace, strengthening the offer for users interested in acquiring these types of unique blockchain-based digital assets with these new features. Since its launch in 2021, Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace has been constantly evolving, adding exclusive collections from different artists and themes and improving the functionalities for users.

Among the new features is the exclusive ‘Gamium x Telefónica’ collection, a total of 225 digital assets. Each of the unique pieces will be available in Gamium’s metaverse, the first social platform where users can easily discover and create all kinds of immersive experiences with a user-created avatar. From today, users will be able to purchase five premium and twenty exclusive assets from the Gamium collection.

Another new collection has been created by Paysenger, a leader in AI-powered content creation. Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace has enabled the purchase of 50 unique NFTs of digital art for free. Each NFT in the collection is protected by an exclusive gating token in the Paysenger space, which ensures that the collection is only accessible to those who are members of the Paysenger community, adding value to these works of art.

Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace also includes eight unique digital assets from ‘The Crypto Hunters TV Show’. This is the first adventure and augmented reality show focused on the Web3 ecosystem. Produced by a team of Hollywood filmmakers, the show will see contestants hunt for a treasure trove of cryptocurrency, with the winner taking home a $1 million prize. Iconic items from the show will be available on the NFT Marketplace, as well as access to exclusive events in the Crypto Hunters environment.

Also new is the ‘Creative Collections by Metacampus’ collection of 69 unique and exclusive NFTs created by artist Lucas Levitán. Metacampus is a leading platform for education and exploration in the world of Web3, and in collaboration with Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace, offers four illustrations that capture the essence and evolution of Web3, with a touch of humour as a lens to explore the digital journey.

Yaiza Rubio, Chief Metaverse Officer at Telefónica, said: “We continue to expand and develop the offer available in Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace, focusing on exclusive and innovative collections that make it a meeting point for those interested in the Web3 environment, as well as making our offerings understandable to people who are not so familiar with these technologies.

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