Working in the metaverse – what are the most in-demand professions?

From cybersecurity experts to fashion designers to architects, the range of jobs related to the metaverse is vast.

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The development of the metaverse also brings with it a series of new professional opportunities.

Without job specialization in new technologies, it is difficult to imagine the growth and expansion of this technology.

But what are some of the most demanded profiles for the metaverse?

Most demanded jobs for the metaverse

We are going to analyze some of the jobs with the greatest projection for the development of this increasingly relevant technology.

Cybersecurity and virtual security expert

As in any other digital environment, the possibilities exist for cybercriminals to commit fraudulent activities.

Therefore, issues such as protecting the digital identity (avoiding identity theft or account hijacking) to eliminate the chances of cyber extortion is one of the priorities of security experts.

In this way, users will feel more confident about uploading their data to the metaverse.

Thus, having professional profiles focused on cybersecurity that can identify and/or tackle attacks is more than necessary for companies.

Digital ecosystem developer

In a scenario in which the metaverse will have its own mechanisms for wealth creation or the possibility of exchanging goods and services, it is necessary to build an ecosystem in which there are professionals specifically oriented to coordinate with institutions in order to expand the functions and possibilities of this virtual environment on a larger scale.

The responsibility of this person lies in the fact that his or her role will be fundamental in scaling up the metaverse and making the possibilities it offers viable.

Hardware and software engineers, experts and researchers

Since one of the main features of the metaverse is immersion in virtual environments, the availability of updated devices that are more comfortable, lighter and easier to handle (such as cameras, glasses, headsets, etc.) will serve to increase the possibilities of use.

Making these devices more wireless will also have an impact on the fact that, as we mentioned earlier, being more comfortable will allow them to be used more often. The fact that they can touch users’ emotions is another point in favor of the evolution of these devices.

In addition to advances in the devices themselves, the development of technological content is also relevant. Therefore, having professional profiles linked to the implementation and research of augmented reality, mixed reality or virtual reality is also vital for the advancement of metavision.


To create the avatars and the rest of the 3D universe within the metaverse, graphic designers will be needed.

But not only this type of designers: fashion designers, project designers or even architects will also be needed to give more presence and verisimilitude to the metaverse.

Another category of designers are 3D game designers, in charge of the characters, the story or the gameplay of the game, in a coordinated work with developers and programmers to increase the chances of the video game reaching popularity. 

Digital marketing experts

Once a company has made the leap into the metaverse (regardless of whether it is in the technological field or not), having digital marketing profiles is very important to be able to continue with the development of this virtual ecosystem.

The forecast that by 2028 the metaverse market could reach 814.2 billion dollars, shows the relevance of this profile is of great relevance to be able to execute interactive and immersive campaigns that blur the lines between the digital and the physical.


The fact that avatars can buy virtual products leads to the existence of sales professionals in the metaverse.

The creation of virtual goods that may be destined for sale and purchase in the immersive world covers different sectors, and there are even studies that say that by 2030 the luxury industry could reach 50 billion dollars.


Although it is difficult to get an idea of the exact number of jobs that the growth of the metaverse may generate in the short, medium or long term (figures from different experts vary considerably), what is unquestionable is that we are facing a very wide variety of new job profiles linked to technology.


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