Telefónica backs GSMA’s Digital Declaration

The Digital Declaration is a cross-industry movement aimed to serve as a guide to act ethically in the digital era.

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The GSMA launched today the ‘Digital Declaration’ at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This declaration captures key principles that serve as a guide to acting ethically in the digital era, helping companies deliver what matters most to digital citizens, industry and governments. Forty companies spanning across different sectors, such as IBM, Orange, Verizon, Vodafone and Telefónica, have already committed to the declaration.


The pace of change in the digital era is remarkable. It is expected that by 2022, 60% of GDP will be digitized. The imminent arrival of 5G networks will accelerate this change and as consumers rightfully expect to be in control of their digital world, their trust in businesses is tested. The Digital Declaration is a cross-industry movement aimed to confront these critical challenges. The principles of the Digital Declaration call on businesses to: respect the privacy of digital citizens; handle personal data securely and transparently; take meaningful steps to mitigate cyber threats; and ensure everyone can participate in the digital economy as it develops whilst combatting online harassment. Taken together, these commitments will ensure that the internet is maintained as an open platform for expression and a driver of innovation.

Digital Declaration key principles:

Principles Digital Declaration GSMA

According to Mats Granryd, Director General GSMA:

 A new form of responsible leadership is needed to successfully navigate this era. We are on the cusp of the 5G era, which will spark exciting new possibilities for consumers and promises to transform the shape of virtually every business. In the face of this disruption, those that embrace the principles of the Digital Declaration will strive for business success in ways that seek a better future for their consumers and societies“.


This Digital Declaration is another example of the effort made by Telefonica to place people at the heart of the changes in digitalisation. In this sense, Telefonica subscribed the Cybersecurity Tech Accord to promote a safer online world by fostering collaboration among global technology companies committed to protecting users; and promoted its AI Principles with the objective of ensuring the usage of AI technology without discriminatory biases and respecting people’s privacy.

According to Telefónica’s Chairman and CEO, Jose María Álvarez-Pallete:

A sustainable digital future can only be built upon clear values and cutting edge, updated 21st century policies. We believe it is time for business to show we are willing to accept our responsibility and claim for a Digital Bill of Rights to ease any impact of technology on our lives. People must be at the centre of each decision and measure we adopt.


As mobile is one of the most widely deployed technology platforms ever with more than 5 billion unique mobile subscribers, the mobile industry is at the heart of technological innovations shaping tomorrow’s digital society. The signed principles show the commitment of the industry leaders to demonstrate the private sector’s commitment to responsible leadership at a time when policymakers are facing new challenges from the evolving digital ecosystem.


As we move into the digital world, the combination of endless connectivity enabled through 5G and the Internet of Things, with the powerful intelligence delivered by big data and artificial intelligence will further transform entire industries. By embracing this Digital Declaration, Telefonica shows its commitment to act responsibly, placing people in the center, to find adequate solutions to this rapid rate of technology change.


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