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Access specialized content written by our employees or see the most relevant articles at a glance in the webstories are some of the new features.

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Don’t miss out on the latest in technology or even, if you are an employee, you can be part of our blog by writing about your area of expertise.

#Creators initiative: write about the topics you know the most about

Telefónica Creators is an initiative in which the company’s employees contribute to generate specialized content for the company’s website and/or LinkedIn community.

The objective is to make visible the knowledge and experience of each of the members of the company who want to participate by sharing their perspective on issues of relevance to both the industry in general and the company in particular.

Each participant can create content that strengthens the company’s digital presence while promoting the professional and personal development of employees.

The initiative is global and inclusive, open to any Telefónica Group colleague from all the countries in which we operate. If you want to join us, please contact us.

Follow authors and specific topics

Are you particularly interested in the posts of some of our authors or the information of any particular tag?

In each of the specific pages dedicated to the people who write in the blog or the different topics, on the top right you have the option to follow (as shown in the image) and not miss any of the updates of the authors or topics that match your interests.

Webstories: highlights at a glance

On the front page of Telefó we have recently added five webstories with the most relevant articles in different categories.

You can quickly access the most read content from the entire blog or also the most relevant #Creators (seen above) or other initiatives and topics.

Readspeaker: listen to the content

Don’t have time to read all the information we publish?

Don’t worry, because we make it easy for you with Readspeaker: under the header image of each publication you have the possibility to play audio of our publications.

How is AI transforming education? Read it… or listen to it!


Like Creators, #TheSpanishOmeletThing is another initiative aimed at our employees.

With the excuse of finding out more about their gastronomic tastes (potato omelette, with or without onion?) we took the opportunity to get to know more about the people who make up the company.

How they rate the time they have been with the company, which project they are most proud of, how they see the company in the future or, from a more personal perspective, if they would be able to live without a cell phone are some of the questions that bring us closer to the people we work with every day.

Whether you are on the ‘withonion’ or withoutonion’ side (or even if you don’t choose either), don’t hesitate to participate by clicking here.

Word of the week

Each week we delve in detail into one of the topics that generate the most activity on the blog.

In three or four articles per tag (education and virtual reality, for example, being two of the most recent ones) we explore in depth different issues from different angles and perspectives related to topics of special interest both for the company and for the technology or the sector.


Contact our communication department or requests additional material.

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